Great Book Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover – Volume II

It is very difficult to know what to buy for people these days as most people really seem to have the "things" they need. Books can make a great gift for the pet owner and pet lover. Books are timeless gifts that can add warmth and inspiration to the holidays! Here are some samples of great books for the dog lover:

Dog's in Knits, by Judith L. Swartz. Interweave Press, $18.95.

This is a wonderful book with 17 sweater patterns to knit for dogs. The book includes instructions on how to measure and fit garments for different the different shapes and sizes of our canine companions. The photography and ideas in this book are sure to thrill the knitter and dog lover in your life.

202 Pets' Peeves, by Cal Orey. Citadel Press, $12.95.

Have you ever wondered what you do that annoys your pet? Noted as "the book your pet wants you to read", this book speaks out on pesky human behavior. This humorous book is written from the pet's point of view pointing out things both dogs and cats find annoying about human behavior and human decision making. This book is humorous and fun to read to the pet owner who wants to find out what their pet does and doesn't like and more importantly… to do better.

**Animals and the Afterlife, **by Kim Sheridan. Enlighthouse Publishing, $19.95

"True stories of our best friends Journey beyond death." This thought provoking book asks and answers questions such as…Do Animals have souls? What happens when they die? A great book for the pet lover that has loved and lost. For more information, visit

**The Encyclopedia of TV Pets, **by Ken Beck and Jim Clark. Rutledge Hill Press, $19.99

An interesting book on the pet actors and pet stars. A fascinating account of our favorite pet actors and their history. For example, did you know little "Eddie" from the hit TV sitcom Frazier was born "moose" with a troubled background of misbehaviors? Moose was given to a local vet to pass on. Learn more about TV stars! A great coffee table book and conversation piece! This book is complete with many old photos of the TV show stars with the TV pet actors.

**Cecil Aldin Puppy Dogs' Tales, **told by Roy Heron. Independent Publishers Group, $9.95.

The drawings of dogs by Cecil Aldin are some of the most delightful ever made! Aldin was one of Britain's most renowned dog illustrators during the 20th century. These were the stars of a series of books issued each holiday season in the early 1900's. This special edition includes all four puppy adventures about a trio of pups including Scamp, the mongrel; Poppy, so-called because of her red coloring; and Snowball, the white terrier who enjoys getting into trouble even more than eating.

**The Dog's Bark, **by Bill Zimmerman. Willow Creek Press, $14.95.

This little book is full of "Simple Truths from a Wise Pet". This book is a combination of whit, humor and warmth while philosophizing on day to day life. Rich with photos and illustrations, it is a great stocking stuffer for all ages. There is a also a feline version called The Cat's Meow, by the same author for your cat loving friends.

Out on A Leash, by Shirley MacLaine. Atria Books, $23.95.

If you are a Shirely McClain fan, then this book is for you. Tales of Shirley and her canine companion, Terry, reveals what the human animal bond can do for our souls.

The Healing Power of Pets, by Dr. Marty Becker. Hyperion, $22.95.

This is an inspirational book full of powerful stories about pets and people, the human-animal bond and the power of pets to help and heal the human spirit. Rich with example of what the loyal companionship of pets can do for each of us.

For more ideas, see last years recommendations in Great Book Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover – Volume I.