Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Dog

Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Dog

Happy Halloween! Whether you're trick-or-treating, handing out candy to little ghosts and goblins, or attending a Halloween party, consider including your dog for a fun twist on your costume.

Before including your dog in the festivities, take a moment to consider how your pooch will handle the Halloween adventure. Is he healthy and energetic? Does he enjoy a social situation? Will the costume be bothersome?

It is extremely important to be very aware of your pet while out celebrating Halloween, as there are many potential hazards. Read PetPlace's Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween and Costume Safety for Halloween.

Listed below are several ideas for dog / owner costume combinations. Many of these pet costumes can be found in pet stores, Halloween specialty stores, or online.

  • Hotdog with Ketchup and/or Mustard – These costumes are fun for the dog and both the dog's "parents". The hotdog is a famous dog costume, and the owners could wear yellow and red shirts and pants.
  • Dog / hydrant – For the sake of humor, dress the human like the dog and the dog like the hydrant. The dog could wear a red shirt, and a hat could be sewn to look like the top portion of a hydrant.
  • Superman / Spiderman – Be a team of crime-fighting superheroes. These are both popular costumes for dogs and humans.
  • Police Officer / Prisoner – Both of these costumes are available for dogs. Either combination would be comical.
  • Sheep / Little Bo Peep , Person in Pajamas, Fence, Farmer – The sheep costume is adorable on any dog, and there are several human costumes to compliment it.
  • Bee / Flower – This is another combination that would be easy and cute in either combination, and both costumes are available for humans and dogs.
  • Dog / Cat – For the fun of it, you dress like the dog, and embarrass your dog by dressing him like a cat in a black shirt and cat ears.
  • Athletes from rival teams – This can be done quite easily with sports jerseys.
  • Angel / Devil – A halo and wings and horns and a tail are all you need for this classic.
  • Little Red Riding Hood / Wolf – This one if fun and straight forward.
  • Dorothy / Toto – This is another classic that is easy.
  • Dog / Postal Carrier – This famous rivalry would be clever done either way.
  • Bride / Groom – A veil and bowtie are all you need for this one.
  • Fisherman / Fish – The human could wear a fisherman's hat and vest and carry a fishing pole. A fish costume is available to buy for your dog.
  • Sonny / Cher – Put a long, black wig on your dog and you don Sonny's 70's garb and hairdo.
  • Mother / Baby – Put a bonnet on your dog, and if he's small, place him in a stroller. Be a proud Mom as you push your bundle of joy along.
  • Doctor / Pregnant Lady – Dress your dog in a scrub top; maybe even accessorize with a stethoscope. If you're pregnant – great, if not, a pillow will do.

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