I Did the Best When I had to Give up My Lab

We received this email that we want to share with you as a response to our foreclosure article about pets being left behind.


I read the article and I am heartbroken, as I had to do this with one of my labs. I already had a lab when the 2nd was given to me by my abusive ex boyfriend in hopes of trying to keep me around. I had the 2nd lab for almost a year but she was UNCONTROLLABLE and would fight, and I mean fight tooth and nail my other lab over food, toys, even affection.

We had moved from a house with a fenced in back yard to a small apt (remember I was in an abusive relationship and I decided to get out) so she started to eat the walls and destroy things. I gave her to a friend of mine who already had another dog. Now she runs on 5 acres of land with the other dog and is happy. My first thought was a shelter, but I did come to love her, and I didn't want to see her like that so I went with my best alternative. I do go see her once a month and she still remembers me.

Petra M. Sherman