Dr. Marty Goldstein sits with a puppy patient.

An Interview With The Dog Doc

The PetPlace Staff had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Marty Goldstein, a board-certified veterinarian who specializes in integrative medicine. Goldstein has been merging Eastern and Western medical philosophies for over 45 years, making him a pioneer in the field. He deals with terminal cases from all over the world, many of which arrive at his practice, Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, as a last resort.

Natural Remedies for Healthier Pets

Goldstein also happens to be the subject of a new documentary, The Dog Doc, which was directed by Cindy Meehl. Although this was their first time working together on film, Goldstein and Meehl already had an established relationship; years ago a distraught Meehl brought her dog, Coco, to Goldstein because she had been sick with chronic fevers. Unlike the opinions that Meehl had been getting from experts in the field of conventional medicine, Goldstein actually recommended taking Coco off the drugs she had been prescribed and treating her with natural remedies instead. She made a full recovery soon afterwards.

“We’ve been taught to think that disease is bad, but a lot of disease is just nature trying to heal the body,” says Goldstein. “A fever isn’t necessarily just a symptom of a virus, it can be the body’s natural way of getting rid of that virus. It’s the same thing with inflammation–if you twist your ankle, it swells up because it’s taking time to heal itself and alerting you to stay off of it so that it can heal. So often though, we’re given drugs to fix these things.”

The over-prescribing of the healthcare system, both for pets and humans, is a major issue that the documentary examines. It is also a product of Goldstein’s life work.

“The documentary really aims to show how when we expand our consciousness about health, we can change the field entirely,” Goldstein says. “I’ve been saying this since the 1970s and people thought I was crazy. Now, everyone finally recognizes the merit in what I’ve been doing because it works.”

Merging Eastern and Western Medicine

Goldstein graduated at the top of his class at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1973. Shortly after he graduated, he decided to also become certified in acupuncture for pets and started practicing integrative medicine on his patients. Despite the criticism he received, people kept coming to see him from all over the globe based on his results.

“We focus on the alternatives, because so many of the pets failed with conventional medicine. There was a serious need for them, and for their owners,” Goldstein says. “I’m not pure holistic. Sometimes conventional methods are a necessary part of the treatment, but I combine Eastern and Western practices to get pets and people the best results. And it works.”

Goldstein acknowledges that while he’s glad that more holistic treatments have made their way into the mainstream, there is too much information available, preventing people from operating with a full set of facts.

“The internet has confused a lot of people out there with bad information,” says Goldstein. “The best thing to do is to find a veterinarian who practices integrative medicine and can advise you on the right things to take, what the potential side effects might be, and the proper dosages.”

Goldstein recommends starting your search for an integrative veterinarian with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA). Through their website, you can easily search for a vet who practices integrative medicine in your state, and even look for particular specialties, such as acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, ozone therapy, and more.

Spreading the Message About Pet Wellness

Although The Dog Doc is only available in limited release, Goldstein has found the response to be overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been so rewarding. For years, people wrote me off as being crazy, but now they really get it,” he says. “We are encouraging people to expand their consciousness. This is the wake-up call that’s so needed right now. There’s no reason why conventional vets and doctors should be so skeptical of natural remedies and nature, because it can help the whole field to evolve.”

The Dog Doc is available now to stream or download on Prime Video, with more platforms coming soon!

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