It Was Fate!

I have never heard anything but praise for dogs that have come from shelters into a loving home. You could spend years looking at breeds and trying to pick the right purebred dog for your home, but sometimes you walk into shelter and the right dog just picks you. Dogs are good at love at first sight and following your heart will often bring the most amazing dog into your home.

I just read a fantastic story about a dog who knew exactly who she ought to go home with.

Vicki DeMenge writes about how a horseback ride on a Friday afternoon brought a wonderful friend into her life. Riding on a horse trail, Vicki and a girlfriend noticed a dog following a jogger that was not on a leash. When the little dog spotted the ladies on the horses, she decided to follow them instead. The dog was obviously lost, but determined to go wherever they might be going too. Unfortunately, where the women were heading was a busy street. Vicki didn’t want anything to happen to the dog so she dismounted her horse and encouraged the dog to come to her.

The little dog was a border collie and crawled to her, afraid, but desperate for a little kindness. Once Vicki was able to touch and pet her, the dog was quickly licking her face. Vicki and her friend took one of the reins off her horse and fashioned a makeshift leash to try and get the dog to safety.

The collie had no collar and her hair was horribly matted. Vicki figured someone probably dumped the dog and decided to take her to the animal shelter where she might find a new home. However, she was already in love. It broke Vicki’s heart to drop her off and she asked to have first dibs on the dog if the owners didn’t come claim her in the required four days. Vicki’s husband agreed and four days later, Sadie went home with them.

Vicki says that Sadie is a wonderful addition to their home, sweet and quiet. She loves to ride everywhere in the car and is never a bother. It’s hard to believe that anyone would have given such a wonderful dog up. Vicki urges her readers to trust their heart when adopting a shelter dog, stating that it may very well be the best dog you ever own.

Don’t forget to share your stories about the fabulous canines in your life. We can’t wait to hear them!