June 2005 Free Food Drawing Winner

June 2005 Free Food Drawing Winner

Thanks for choosing us as winner of free food for Trixie.

Trixie is a female Schipperke born February 12, 2005. She weighs 4 lbs. 1 oz. and is a very active and mischievous little puppy. She has been so much fun and we love her immensely. She loves Science Diet food and eats approximately one pound a month. Thanks again for choosing us for the free giveaway of food for June.


Clyde and Olivia Voyles
Harrah, OK

About Trixie

  • Name: Trixie
  • Nickname: We haven’t given her a nickname yet.
  • Breed: Schipperke
  • Lives: Harrah, Oklahoma
  • Born: February 12th
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: About 4 pounds 1 ounce
  • Favorite Food: Hills Science Diet Puppy Food (small bites)?
  • Favorite Toy: Orange terrycloth soft bone shaped toy with squeaker
  • Favorite Chew Toy: Peppermint cornstarch chew bone and loves ice!
  • Favorite Game: Keep away
  • Favorite Room: Den
  • Able to Hold Urine for: 6 to 8 hours if penned in a cage
  • Favorite Thing To Do All The Time: Try to get all the attention
  • Favorite Thing To Do When No One Is Looking: Steal a shoe or sock and take off running
  • Need to Work on: Obeying when called, learn the command of “stay”, and not getting so excited when someone new enters the home
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