Just for Kids: Bathing Your Dog

Just like you, your dog needs to take baths. Some dogs need baths more often than others. If your dogs likes to play outside he may need frequent baths. Just make sure you don't bathe him too much because that might remove oil from his coat and make his skin dry. Once a month might be enough. You can ask your veterinarian when you should bathe your dog.

Where To Bathe Your Dog

You can bathe your dog in the bathtub or outside with a hose if the weather is warm enough. You should keep him on a leash so that he doesn't run away.

Things You'll Need

Your parents may want to help you when you give your dog a bath. You will need some items before you start:

How To Give the Bath

Make sure your dog enjoys his bath. Talk to him during the bath. Say, "Good Dog" a lot.