Just for Kids: How Much Do You Know About Dogs?

1. When you take your dog for his checkup, your veterinarian will:

a. Give him an I.Q. test
b. Give him a bath
c. Give him a lollipop for being good
d. Listen to his heart and lungs

2. A full-grown dog has 42 teeth. To keep them healthy you will have to:

a. Brush them after every meal
b. Brush them every day
c. Brush them every week
d. Brush them at least twice a month

3. When you give your dog a bath, you will need the following things:

a. A rubber duckie
b. A special treat
c. Shampoo and washcloth
d. His favorite bathrobe

4. Being a responsible dog owner means:

a. Making sure your dog has food and water
b. Making sure you play with him a lot
c. Making sure you give him plenty of exercise
d. All of the above

5. The term "barking up the wrong tree" means:

a. Looking for something in the wrong place
b. Looking for your dog at the wrong tree
c. Making too much noise
d. Asking for something you shouldn't have

6. A human can hear things about 25 yards away. A dog can hear things:

a. 50 yards away
b. 100 yards away
c. 250 yards away
d. 1000 yards away

7. Puppies like to chew slippers, toys, newspapers, and other objects. This is because:

a. Growing puppies are supposed to explore everything.
b. When they are teething, puppies need to chew on tough objects to help the new teeth break through.
c. Puppies are learning to be hunters
d. All of the above

8. How can you tell when your dog wants to play?

a. He is wearing a catcher's mitt and carrying a ball.
b. He lowers his front half while keeping his rear end high in the air.
c. He turns off the TV and points to the door
d. He stretches out on his bed and takes a nap.

9. Being humane means:

a. Being smart and friendly
b. Being nice to animals
c. Being human
d. Being healthy

10. The best reason to have a dog for a pet is:

a. They don't eat too much
b. They like to sleep a lot
c. They bark
d. They like to play with you


1. The answer is D. The doctor will listen to your pup's heart and lungs to make sure he is healthy.

2. The answer is B. You will have to brush your dog's teeth every day to keep them healthy.

3. The answer is C. You will need shampoo and a washcloth or sponge. You will also need other things like a towel, a brush and comb and a bath mat.

4. The answer is D. You will need to feed him, play with him and give him exercise to keep him healthy and happy.

5. The answer is A. The term means looking for something in the wrong place.

6. The answer is C. A dog can hear things 250 yards away.

7. The answer is D. All of the above.

8. The answer is B. Your pup may lower his front and keep his tail in the air to let you know he wants to play. This is called the "play-bow."

9. The answer is B. Being humane means treating dogs kindly.

10. The answer is D. The best reason to have a dog for a pet is that they really like to play and they like to be your pet.