Just for Kids: How to Groom Your Dog

You want your dog to be healthy on the outside as well as on the inside. This means that you will have to spend some time grooming him. This means you will have to:

You should start grooming your dog soon after you bring him home, whether he's a puppy or a grown dog. Soon he will get used to being handled and will look forward to spending time with you.


Usually you should bathe your dog every month, but some dogs will need a bath more frequently. Bathe your dog only when his coat gets dirty or has a "doggy" smell.

When bathing your dog, make sure to rinse all the soap out of his coat. If he scratches a lot, he may need a special medicated shampoo. You might have to take him to your veterinarian.


Routine brushing and combing removes dead hair and dirt and prevents matting. It also gives your pet a healthy and shiny coat.

Some dogs don't need much brushing at all. A good brushing once or twice a week is enough. But some dogs with long hair and bushy tails need to be brushed every day to keep the coat free of tangles. Be sure to use a good-quality brush and comb.


Your dog's ear may need to be cleaned, too. This is a job that should be done by your veterinarian or your parents. Ask your veterinarian about products you can use at home, and let the doctor show you and your parents just how to do it.

Nail Trimming

While clipping nails won't hurt your dog, it takes lots of practice to do it right. And your dog has to learn to be patient. It's best to let your parents do it with your help. Your veterinarian can show you and your parents how to do it properly.