Just for Kids: Preventing Dog Bites

Most dogs are friendly, but even friendly dogs can sometimes become angry or scared. Many dogs bite if they think they have to. Understanding how dogs think can help you make friends without getting hurt.

Dogs bite for many reasons:

Sometimes you can tell when a dog is going to attack. The dog may stand very still, and he might be growling or showing his teeth or barking. The hair on his back may be up. He may stare at you and his tail may be stiff and up in the air. Be very careful, even if his tail is wagging. If he is friendly, his tail will wag in a relaxed way. If his tail is up, stiff and wagging very fast, watch out. But some dogs may not give any signs at all.

What To Do

Do you know what to do if you see a strange dog? Here are some rules to follow to keep you safe when you are near an unfamiliar dog.

When you are at home with your own dog, there are some more good rules to follow.

If a dog bites you, tell your parents immediately. Dogs can be fun, but they can be dangerous, too. Be very careful when you see a dog you don't know.