Just for Kids: Vaccinating Your Puppy

When a puppy is born, her immune system is not fully developed. This means that she could get sick very easily. Lucky for your pup, her mother is able to give her some protection. She does this before the puppy is born and after the birth through the first milk. But there is another way your puppy gets protection. That is by getting her vaccinated.

What Is a Vaccination?

A vaccination is something that your veterinarian gives to your puppy to help her protect herself against infection. A vaccination is usually a shot that contains a vaccine, which is like a little bit of infection because it contains weakened viruses or bacteria. Why would we do that? Because when germs enter the body, the body makes special substances called antibodies. These antibodies work like a little army to attack the germs and kill them before they can cause disease.

Antibodies stay with the body for a long time. If the real germ ever enters the body, the antibodies will still remember how to fight them off.