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Just for Kids: Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Your dog spend a lot of time sleeping – counting little naps and longer snoozes, most dogs sleep about 14 hours a day. He may look like he is having fun when he sleeps. His eyes move back and forth under his eyelids, his feet move and he may make a whining noise. Some people think he is having nice dreams, maybe of chasing cats or squirrels.

You may think your dog will sleep anywhere, but some dogs are particular about where they sleep. In the wild, they sleep in dens, which are protected places like caves. Your dog might sometimes hide under the bed or in a closet. You might see him circling around and around or pawing at his sleeping place before he lies down. This is to flatten an area to make it more comfortable to sleep in – like a den.

Your dog may want to sleep at the foot or side of your bed, on a favorite blanket, cushion or dog bed. He may especially like sleeping there when you aren’t at home because your room smells like you, and smells are important to dogs. He may also like to sleep in other rooms where the family gathers, like the family room. Or, sometimes he might enjoy going into his crate where he can be alone.

Your Dog’s Bed

If you use your imagination, there are many kinds of dog beds. There are some you can buy and there are also some you can make yourself. Here are some examples: