Just for Your Dog – 2014-2015 Pet Horoscopes

Welcome to the months of fall 2014 into winter and 2015, combined with spring, and summer-four seasons that promise change and bonding for humans and their dog(s). As this year heads into autumn full of holidays and novelty it may be both exciting and challenging for you and your dog.

Enter the last three week pesky Mercury Retrograde period in October 2014 (a time when communication is delayed or misunderstandings happen). Thanks to four seasons full of change, you’ll have to work harder to maintain harmony with your best friend. In the Northern Hemisphere, the seasons which will affect you and your dog are grouped in four categories, including Fall: September, October, November; Winter: December, January, February; Spring: March, April, May; and Summer: June, July, August.

Next year, 2015 dishes out canine and pet parent challenges, due to the New Moon and Full Moon each month and changing planets in your dog’s Sun Sign. A variety of events will take patience and planning on your part as a pet parent. And remember, your loyalty towards each other will mean a lot if you keep your eyes and heart open-monitoring its Sun Sign characteristics can help you be alert to signs of dog behavior-and these horoscopes are just for you and your dog.

ARIES (MAR. 21 – APR. 20)


Now it’s time to give rather than receive unconditional love to keep your courageous canine happy and healthy. Your Ari canine needs de-stressing and it’s up to you to help the Ram to chill. While Aries appears to be fearless they can internalize stress-the two eclipses in October 2014 and Mercury Retrograde period don’t help! It may be surprising that this fearless fire sign dog is not always as bold as they appear to you. Something big may be in the works, too. Think a new home or a pet-friendly getaway for your action-oriented Aries dog this year or next. Time will tell when it’s time to calmly help your canine to lose the impatient behavior.


Fall: The autumnal equinox brings the fall season on September 22. Once the kids are back in school don’t be surprised your me-first Aries dog may be feeling the blues. During the Full Moon on October 8 and New Moon on the 23rd is not the time to ignore your four-legger. While Ari is a tough fire sign, these sensitive canines aren’t immune to stress come November.

Winter: Be sure to give quality time in play and relaxation in December-and more during the New Moon on the 22nd when winter technically arrives. Why not give your pooch the gift of health? Is a vet check-up in order or perhaps more exercise (indoors and outdoors) to keep that fire sign dog of yours happy and healthy for the New Year. January and February promise plenty of quality time with you and your dog. It’s the season to cuddle up, especially in colder regions.

Spring: It may seem like your dog has more energy in March.. But note, your action-oriented Arien pet, likes to get physical so now is the time to make its diet good to go for the season of renewal. Yep, 2015 is about enhancing your canine-human bond. Again patience for your canine during April and May will make your life easier and earn respect from your take-charge, sometimes demanding pooch. This is a good year for restless Rams

Summer: Caution: June may be a time when your canine wants treats and that impatience quirk is going to have to be acknowledged to keep the peace. It’s the time to begin summer and a good idea to get a head start for your go-dog. Come July, consistent exercise is not to be ignored. Also, in August a vet check-up or perhaps a small matter that needs tending to for peace of mind. Both summer months spell playmates for your dog. It’s up to you to make it happen. Fun will be in the cards for both of you.

TAURUS (APR. 21 – MAY 21)

SYMBOL: The Bull

In 2014-2015, your dog not unlike Aries canines, will be faced with some new challenges but nothing you two can’t face together. After all, your dog is a grounded Earth Sun Sign and drama isn’t part of its behavior. Bull canines hang in there (yes, they can be stubborn when it comes to change) but that doesn’t mean in the months ahead your dog won’t adapt. As long as you stay Top Dog your Taurean creature will do fine in 2014 and 2015, whatever the season may be. Keep in mind, as your dog’s caretaker, Bulls require adequate sleep and pampering so do provide a safe and secure place just for Rover.


Fall: ‘Tis the season for your Taurus dog to enjoy new animals and/or humans. September may be the month Taureans get a fur fix, especially near the Full Moon on the 8th or extra attention from a family member or friend. Whoever gives your canine extra affection will be rewarded with your dog’s attention. Come November obedience training may be in order. December may call for advice from a dog shrink or trainer to help your companion animal to stay cool during the holiday madness. Taurean pets are patient but they can be temperamental if pushed.

Winter: Enter January, a month that promises change you’re your Taurus dog. Perhaps you are moving or a vacation is overdue. A grooming appointment or DIY by you will keep your dog looking and feeling pampered like royalty. Come February a new pet pal or human may sneak into your hearts and win you and your dog’s affections. This new relationship may enhance your life with your dog in March before Spring, a time of renewal arrives.

Spring: Before the end of March you and your dog may enjoy a break from the daily grind. Enjoy because your canine will sense the calm. You, the Taurus dog and you know who may be just what you needed to feel complete this season. More surprises are in store. Your Bull canine may need to change its diet for health’s sake. Once adjusted, you may be on the move to a new dwelling. While Taurus canines can be resistant to change, if you take your time and pamper that pooch its loyalty to you will be obvious and it will be a win-win situation.

Summer: When June hits and the summer solstice on the 21st arrives, you will experience more good times. A class with or for you dog may be in order. The socialization will be welcome as will getting out in the world. In July it will be time to take time out with the pooch. A weekend getaway or a longer trip may be in store. August will be a month that someone or another companion animal in your life may depart. This could be a good thing but not without a feeling of loss for both you and your affectionate dog.


SYMBOL: The Twins

The rest of 2014 and into 2015, Gemini canines will be mentally stimulated-the thing these creatures love. Late September and October will be challenging for your dog due to the seasonal change and/or Mercury Retrograde which affects the universe and its living beings. A calm household and a regular schedule (including daily walks and feeding times) will give you and your dog peace of mind. Keeping on even keel can carry over through the New Year. Planets and lunar cycles each month will keep your dog on its paws but nothing you or it cannot master with finesse. Don’t forget, air signs are resilient and land on their feet.


Fall: When autumn arrives towards the end of the month, you may see some changes in your usually balanced pooch. A check-up with your vet may be a wise thing to do. Also, you may notice your dog is more attentive to you and pays attention to your commands a bit more. Blame it on change even though air signs can do change with little effort, especially if you provide a sense of calm.

Winter: Early January and February are ideal months for a mini-vacation with your dog. It will do both of you a world of good so make it happen despite your New Year’s resolutions. Getaways this season are in order, whether it’s a weekend, week day or a full week. Both you and your air sign dog will be appreciative of the quality time with you. As the winter winds down, relocating may be on your mind.

Spring: Once March hits, and pre-spring is in the air it will be a time for getting your dog in physical and mental shape for new activities. Diet is a key to help your dog make the transition from winter to springtime as well as exercise. Both regimes should be introduced s-l-o-w-l-y to make the change effortlessly. Follow this plan and most likely April and May will be bliss to your air sign pooch.

Summer: Here comes more novelty. If you are pondering making a move locale-wise, keep in mind your dog will certainly be on board but it’s up to you to keep the change as smooth as possible. Don’t foget its favorite toys and a new one could be a good idea, too. Gemini dogs love to be mentally stimulated so it’s a win-win situation. This Sun Sign loves to be challenged for its intelligence and this is the season to do it.


SYMBOL: The Crab

Riding out the rest of 2014 and bringing in 2015 can be unsettling to some sensitive Crab canines. During the upcoming fall be more nurturing than normal so your dog will sense this is a good season. Seasonal changes can be big to water signs because they soak up any negative Earth changes or toxic humans. Once the New Year comes into play, your dog will be adjusted to colder temperatures and different activities. By being sensitive to your sensitive dog it will help seasonal changes feel normal and happiness will be the end result.


Fall: When autumn rolls in don’t be surprised if you dog is a bit more clingy. It could be the change in weather and even if the kids go back to school, your touchy feely water sign will feel the loss and change. It’s up to you to help desensitize the Crab to novelty. Provide ample cuddle and playtime so your canine doesn’t feel left out. Then, your dog should do fine as you two move on into the end of the year when winter arrives and hectic holidays come with more surprises.

Winter: January is the month when someone in your home may be leaving. It could be another pet, your dog’s best pet pal, or even a neighbor’s dog. This is the time for you to be there for your canine because the loss may affect its behavior for a short spell. Come February, a new addition to the family or your environment may be just what your canine needs to snap out of it and be its normal self.

Spring: By March everything will appear to be good for you and your dog. Both of you will sense the change outdoors and it will be welcome. April is a good month to monitor your Crab canine’s diet before summer (this Sun Sign can pack on unwanted pounds). If you and your dog have been too sedentary it’s also time to get a move on and curb the treats. At first it will be a challenge but before the next season the change will be worth the effort.

Summer: June should be a calm month except when the summer solstice kicks in on the 21st it may wreak havoc on your sensitive water sign dog. Or not. Due to the two Eclipses in July and Full Moon you may notice something is changing and it will affect you. Maybe your fave pet is gone or your fave human but you will get through this rough patch and do it with flying colors-life a Crab with super self-preservation skills.

LEO (JULY 24 – AUG. 23)

SYMBOL: The Lion

In 2014, Lion pets like Crab critters will be grabbing the spotlight. Thanks to the October two eclipses dogs born in July and August may be upstaged by Mother Nature but they will take back the attention. During the rest of the year and into 2015, don’t neglect your fire sign dog because it may be giving cues to change. Lion canines are brave and if nature goes awry you can count on your canine to be there in the nick of time. So be alert during the lunar cycles and if Rover acts differently it may be a head’s up.


Fall: This season your dog gets what it wants whether it flaunts its charm or not. So, whatever it is that your dog has been wanting you’ll probably cave and give it up. And it’s the season to have your canine’s wish(s) come true. September should be smooth sailing. October may have some turbulence, especially during the Full Moon on October 8 right after the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde begins. But Leo dogs are bold and planets or periods of difficulty don’t rock their world too long.

Winter: Before spring arrives, January and February are the months to begin to get your dog in tip top health shape. That means, your dog’s diet and exercise routine may undergo some changes for the best results. Go with it despite your canine’s rebellion or begging spells-it’s for your dog’s good health’s sake and well-being.

Spring: Come March is when you’ll see results of your dog’s transformation. In fact, it’s the perfect time for both of you to team up and exercise indoors and/or outdoors. The first day of spring hits on March 20-the beginning of a new you and your dog. By working out together April and May will be good months for both of you and take you two into the next season as workout warriors ready to play hard.

Summer: On June 21 the first day of the new season is a pleasant welcome. You dog will enjoy the outdoors as you will. Leo canines can be extroverted socialites and it’s up to you to find dogs and humans for socialization. This is the time to get physical and enjoy nature, whether it’s swimming, jogging, running or playing Frisbee with your dog. Sure, at home moments can be fun but for an energetic fire sign it’s the season for action-oriented activities.

VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Virgin

Like the Lion, 2014 can wreak havoc on your canine during the fall. Blame it on the Mercury Retrograde chaos but it won’t help. Analytical Virgo dogs can figure out when everything in the household isn’t as it should be. That’s where you come in. This dog likes to have its bones all in a row so it’s your job to perfect its world indoors and outdoors. Try to make a doggie oasis at home for your fussy canine for the rest of the year.


Fall: Okay. You know as the Virgo dog’s owner that October comes with some changes. It’s up to you to smooth over any miscommunication. If your canine ignores a command don’t get upset because this time will pass. By November things will seem back to normal before the holidays and colder weather hit.

Winter: Pre-winter in December is a time for you to get closer to your canine companion. The New Moon falls on December 22 right before the holiday. These dates can be stressful for you and your pet so beware. Plan ahead on how to make your lives calmer and more organized so the days will appear normal. January and February can be wonderful months for a cerebral Virgo canine that doesn’t turn its head at dog TV shows and cuddling up with its pet parent.

Spring: When March rolls in on the 20th, you and your canine will sense changes in the air. The weather may or may not be as challenging. Signs of wildlife will be apparent. It will the beginning of new days, a new season. As you begin spring cleaning don’t forget your fussy canine’s toys and things. New is key and clean is better. Also, grooming your dog is in order without doubt and keep it up through April and May.

Summer: Ah, the first day of summer on June 21 starts of the promise of more change. July 4th, fireworks can annoy your quiet Virgo canine. Since this day falls on a Saturday plan accordingly to make the event peaceful as possible by desensitization for your dog. Once August rolls around you only have one more loud event during Labor Day weekend and then it’s back to quiet times with your normally calm canine.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Scales

In 2014 the Mercury Retrograde periods will affect your dog’s normal easy going behavior. But don’t despair! The last event occurs in October and then lines of communication will be open the rest of the year. Your often balanced Lib canine will be ready to welcome 2015 but reap reward till year’s end. If you are the parent of Libran canine you know that as long as your life is calm your pet will stay balanced. So try to avoid drama and tension and your canine will be your best friend with few doggie tantrums.


Fall: This season is the time when you need to chill from October 8 for three weeks. Yes, that retrograde spell can be pesky but once it’s past this is a good season for your dog. Autumn is a time of change but its subtle and smooth sailing-the way your pooch likes it. Even tempered Libran dogs are peace-loving and September, October, and November should be peaceful. This is a good season for Libra so it should be good times for Libran dog people.

Winter: In December there may be some challenges due to the seasonal weather. Not to ignore holiday chaos. Too many people, traffic, crowds can affect a balanced dog like your Libra but as long as you provide a peaceful environment at home, it will be okay. January and February will be a time to share down time with your pooch and enjoy the cozy comfort of cuddling in the mornings and evenings.

Spring: A Libra canine helped you survive winter and now is the time both of you sense the seasonal change. March is pre-spring, a time when trees bud, the air warms up, and new beginnings are around the corner. Keep on top of your dog’s behavior and health. A trip to the vet to get peace of mind will help you help your companion animal. Come April and May should be a time of getting out and about-walks to dog parks-and your dog will enjoy the socialization.

Summer: When June arrives you Libran dog should be feeling in tip top shape from a spring tune-up. This is the time for upping exercise and play time. July and August promise good times, too, as long as remember to go do it when it’s cool not in mid-day. Remember, Libra doesn’t do extremes.

SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)

SYMBOL: The Scorpion

Like Libra, the fall of 2014 is going to have some bumps in the road for super sensitive water sign Scorpy canines. The lunar cycles-both New and Full Moon times-will be a time you need to pamper you pooch more than usual. The end of September would be a good time for grooming to help your dog feel clean and frisky no matter what challenges occur. November and December are two months that may bring a new pet pal into your home, neighborhood, kenneling, or at special events. Don’t be surprised if your dog is on dog cloud nine with the novelty.


Fall: This time of year is a good time for the Scorpio dog. It’s their birthday time from late October to late November so celebration(s) are something to consider. Keep in mind, your dog may be ultra responsive to novelty, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Include your pet but also provide private quarters with lots of pet perks so your canine can chill and regroup.

Winter: December is a carryover of all the happenings in autumn. It’s not that Scorpio isn’t social but too much socialization can affect the dog’s nerves. Dogs-all Sun Signs-can like social events but this Sun Sign needs to back off from too many parties. So do consider balancing out social events-some with the dog and some without the dog. January and February proved to be full of quality dog-human time-love, love, love.

Spring: March, the season of renewal is a time Scorpion canines can enjoy easing into the new season slowly and savor longer days of sunlight. So ease up on diet and exercise and begin slowly to make the transitional period easier, less stressful. Come April dog training may be in order to show controlling Scorpio that you are Top Dog but doing it in a gentle way will be key. May is a sweet month because your canine should be its sweet self during a month without a lot of drama.

Summer: June is the month when seasons change once again. It can be a doable change if you ease into the weather difference, kids back at home or in the neighborhood. Again, Scorpy can do social but quiet times are appreciated, too. July and August bring challenges. Fourth of July for this canine can be a bit too intense with fireworks as well as Labor Day weekend. Plan accordingly around your pooch to keep it calm and chaos-free.


SYMBOL: The Archer

While other dogs with other Sun Signs are coping with planet changes and lunar cycles in 2014, your Sag fun-loving, adventurous pet loves a challenge. Bring it on. Doing fall and winter is no problem. Each season comes with a newness that this Sun Sign adores. As the New Year arrives, winter, spring and summer are more of the same-change and your dog will face it head on. No worries with this canine. Actually out of all 12 Sun Signs, Sagittarius canines embrace novelty and would be bored without it.


Fall: Sure, the Mercury Retrograde can cause upset with you but your dog can deal so try and laugh at miscommunication and delays-a part of life. Late September, October and November are months your thrill seeking canine can enjoy. Falling leaves, brisk air, a storm here and there, not to forget holidays-it’s packed with action like action-oriented Sagittarian dogs.

Winter: Your canine had a blast in the fall months so winter will be a sequel. If you are prone to winter blues that Sag canine of yours will help you to step up to the plate and deal. Yes, if snowstorms and the holiday season of 2014 get you down, your dog will help lift your spirits.

Spring: In 2015 thanks to the lunar cycles paired with March, the month that can roll in like lion and go out like a lamb, be thankful for your Sag dog. If weather is hazardous you have your bold canine to snuggle up with. If spring is sweet your four-legger will be ready to enjoy the outdoors and spring cleaning with you. April and May are months to enjoy more outside activities with your canine so think and plan ahead for grr-eat activities.

Summer: After spring you may be ready for the fun of summertime and your strong go dog is right with you as always. Do consider vacation getaways, long and short, to keep both of you bonded and active. June and July promise good times with other dogs and people. August is a time when you two can enjoy at-home life as well as life on the road. The summer holds excitement.



Goat dogs are a bit on the reserved side so keep this trait in mind during autumn. While the changing planets in September and your dog’s Sun Sign can be a bit slow-paced, October and November will appear hectic to a Cappie canine. It’s your job to keep things grounded because an Earth sign dog likes it like that. So, during the holidays do keep your household peaceful. When 2015 begins Capricorn canines will be up for the New Year and most of its fear factors. This Sun Sign is goal-oriented and it will get what it needs and more.


Fall: Here comes autumn and your Capricorn canine can be ready for the cooler temps and quietude. While other dog Sun Signs may feel sad when kids go back to school, Cappies enjoy off season. But if the house is empty and too quiet your dog may rebel. So if there is a change at home do keep toys available for your dog’s mental stimulation. Come October and November as the months come with colder weather make sure your dog is pampered and you make its environment stress-free.

Winter: Ditto for December dog people. Sure, Capricorn dogs appear cool but they can suppress their nervous energy. With a lot of change going on with the season, festivities, and weather differences keep an eye on your dog’s well-being-mind, body and spirit. When January and February arrive you and your canine will do fine as long as you keep that pup amused and appreciated.

Spring: Welcome March a month when it still may be chilly for you and your Capricorn canine but that’s okay because you can warm each other up indoors and outdoors. April and May may bring a pet pal to both of you-and it will be a good thing.

Summer: Cappie canines will embrace June but autumn and winter are most likely more to their liking. Still, you can make it work while keeping your pooch cool, calm, and entertained mentally. July and August are good months to watch your dog’s diet. Being too sedentary can add extra unwanted pounds. Despite the heat of the summer, daily walks early morning and late evening are welcome.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)

THE SYMBOL: The Waterbearer

The last quarter of 2014 and New Year 2015 will keep Aquarian canines a lot to do. Air signs, like Aquarius, are good communicators so during the October Mercury Retrograde three weeks will be annoying. It’s time for you to understand your dog may fall victim to bad dog behavior but it’s only temporary. November and December will give you your dog back and good times lie ahead. The New Year will give your dog a lot of adventures throughout the months to keep it stimulated with sensory data-smell, taste, touch, and sounds–and happy to be alive on Earth.


Fall: While September may be a good time for this heady dog to be in an obedience class, let it go in October. Remember, communication is off for three weeks. November is a great time for you and your dog to join some type of group-related dog people organization for socialization and a sense of doing a good job.

Winter: Sure, Aquarius is an intelligent Sun Sign for dogs but they are also thrill seekers. So if you have a snow dog (or water pooch depending on where you live) let your pet have physical fun during January and February. Its needs are both physical and mental. Activity on all levels with keep this dog happy throughout wintertime.

Spring: As warmer weather is on its way, you and your dog can savor the days of pre-spring. The first day of spring falls on March 20, the day of the Full Moon. You may notice your canine may be more excitable than usual so prepare ahead for calming activities. April and May come with a vet visit or dog shrink. Something may be bugging your dog and it’s up to you to solve the pesky problem before the new season arrives.

Summer: June and July give your Aquarian canine new dog pals and your pet will be thrilled as you will be. June is time to get away and during these days that’s when your companion animal may indeed make a canine connection. July may the month to try your hand at grooming that pooch of yours with DIY methods or take it to a pro groomer. Either way it will help your dog feel on the top of its game. August like June may provide more play days with other canines.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR. 20)

THE SYMBOL: Two Fishes tied to each other swimming in opposite directions

The last months of 2014 for sensitive water sign Pisces will have its ups and downs. It looks like this dog may deal with separation anxiety due to losing a human (or more) to work or school. This down period may linger late September through October-the Mercury Retrograde weeks won’t help and the more you try to help your dog through this alone time it may not help. But come November your sweet canine will snap out if and be ready for socializing during holiday events.


Fall: The Full Moon on October 8 and New Moon on the 23rd may affect your sensitive dog’s behavior. Be gentle and keep the household calm and normal as possible. In November again the lunar cycles the first week and third week of the month won’t be as troublesome. Also, during Thanksgiving give your four-legger lots of attention and gifts and Pisces pups will warm up to the changes.

Winter: In 2015 a new pet may be an addition to your life and your Fish dog. It could be feline or canine but either way it may prove to be happiness at first sight. The change will help you canine live life to the fullest in January and February and lunar cycles will not be so bothersome. In fact, your pet’s anxieties will be subdued and the relationship will keep your water sign canine feeling calm and happy.

Spring: Early March your canine(s) may sense change on the horizon. A new location due to a move by you could be in the works or some type of newness is coming. April and May will be the time your fur child adjusts but if you are there to hold its paws everything will turn out just fine minus a few glitches that happens in life.

Summer: June is full of surprises. The Full Moon falls in mid-month, Father’s Day on the same day as the first day of summer. A lot of celebrations and people may be around your Pisces pooch which can be a good thing if you make introductions slow and safe. The summer kicks off with promise of more activity and events with people and pets-and if done right your sensitive canine will savor long summer days, dog day afternoons and nights through the month of August.

BIO: Cal Orey, M.A., is a popular internationally known author-intuitive who writes about health, nutrition, science, and pets. As the creator of the Healing Powers Series-Vinegar, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Honey, and Coffee–published by Kensington, she also dishes forecasts for people around the globe, pens a monthly Earth Changes column, and is a guest on national radio shows. Orey shares her home with a Brittany, Australian Shepherd, and Siamese-mix. She lives in northern California. Her website is www.calorey.com.