Just for Your Dog – AUGUST 2014 Pet Horoscopes

2014 Pet Horoscopes

We would like to share our monthly astrological guide for your dog (and you). These pet horoscopes are a fun way to look at what is going to happen this year with your pooch.

Are you looking forward to a year full of peace and happiness for your canine? With Petplace’s new horoscopes, find out what the stars have in store for your companion animal in August 2014. It’s time to take a sneak peek into the future and discover what your dog(s) can look forward to in terms of both human and animal bonds, feelings, and good times. Seize the month for your pet!

If you need help figuring out your pet’s sign, please read: What’s Your Dog’s Sign?

If you know your dogs sign – read below:


THIS MONTH FOR LEO ( July 23-August 22) The Lion(ess)-is a fire sign that is fearless, energetic and demanding. So it’s up to you, the pet parent, to give your pooch more spontaneous fun, especially this summer. Your tail-wagger is also an attention-getter, and enjoys the limelight. And Leos, like their symbol, the lion, may be impatient for your time and treats – but with a Top Dog guardian they can learn to chill. Your Leo dog is most likely a people and pet creature, social and outgoing. And note, Leo go dogs require a strong leader to follow and respect.
Grr-eat matches: Best owners and pets for the Leo dog are other action-oriented fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius), and adventurous Aquarius, your canine’s opposite sign is a perfect pairing–pposites attract.


Relationships: Leo canines are more restless this month during the Full Moon on the 10th and they may crave more attention… A fellow dog or cat in your household or maybe a canine-pal of one of your friends or a family member will either make or break a bond. Go with the flow and let the tie either strengthen the pet-pet bond or diminish. Either way it will be okay for your social critter and you and life will go on.

Well-Being: Summer demands could put stress on your dog, but it’ll tune out obstacles. True, you may feel like your pet is facing some challenge, whether it is pesky tourists or Labor Day Weekend fireworks-but you both will survive. In fact, by coping with seasonal novelty your dog will be more adaptable and an even a better-rounded canine ready to face autumn.

Highlights: Speaking of novelty, this is the month your best friend may get in a situation outside of its comfort zone. However, under proper supervision you may be surprised that you canine will adjust and do just fine. Remember to chill and be assertive–a good pack leader earns a good dog. This is the month that can enhance your Leo canine-human bond.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “Why, that dogs is practically a Phi Betta Kappa. She can sit up and beg, and she can give her paw. I didn’t say she will but she can.” – Dorothy Parker (writer), August 22

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)

Virgo, known as The Virgin, is an Earth sign-shy, aloof and finicky-which may nudge your perfectionistic canine to face imperfection as it copes with summer changes, whether it’s experiencing new people or places, thunderstorms or heat.

Relationships: This month, Virgo pups will have more energy than normal thanks to planets. No reason to be shocked, in fact, your pooch may be more social. That means, more interaction with pets and people. Take advantage of hot August days and nights and take the dog with you on weekend getaways, daily walks, and dog parks. Be on top of the new, improved Virgo pooch, though, since your four-legger may be acting out of its comfort zone.

Well-Being: Health and behavioral issues shouldn’t be a big issue this month. However, since Virgo canines can be reserved with nervous energy pay attention to summer woes, including fleas and ticks. Keep up on grooming (nails and teeth), especially during the New Moon on the 25th. Also, if you are pondering kenneling your dog because of a no dogs allowed trip, pick the perfect place for your persnickety pet.

Highlights: Brace yourself dog people. This month Virgo canines may be a candidate for some sort of makeover before fall. Perhaps, a new lead and collar or trip to the dog groomer is in the cards as a pre-birthday gift. Anything that is new may give your best friend a boost in spirit and image.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “Do not make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans or they will treat you like dogs.” Martha Scott (actor), September 22

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

Welcome to one of your best months of the years for the Libra canine-a balanced, easygoing and people-friendly air sign because you’re both headed toward bliss outdoors and there’s a heady side of its temperament that’s going to be nourished indoors.

Relationships: This is the month for your dog to be a social magnet. Psst! Libran dog guardians, your pet is going to be in the limelight! This pooch’s harmony-loving vibe may stay on even keel because of the extra attention it gets thanks to the Full Moon before, during or after August 10. A special dog person (from the past or present) may enter your life and that means you dog will be part of the action. Or not. Make sure your Libra tyke isn’t ignored.

Well-Being: This is the month to make sure you give pampering and love to the Libran canine. Due to a combination of planets, this month may be busier than most for the sensitive, mellow dog-so remember to give your dog constant R&R. While the great outdoors is an escape for the Libra dog, indoor stimulation will also keep your pet balanced mind, body and spirit.

Highlights: Libran canines can expect some new beginnings this month that will carry over into next month. Being a little more self-reliant due to its family’s hectic schedule could be a good or bad thing. It all depends on how you handle it. If you give your canine toys combined with a comfy atmosphere when you’re AWOL, everything should be perfect as a fussy Lib dog likes it.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “The writer in America is not part of the culture of this country. He is like a fine dog. People like him but he’s of no use.” –William Faulkner (American writer), September 25

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

This will be the time life goes your Scorpion dog’s way with friends, family, and strange pets-all on its calendar for August days and nights which show promise of giving you a head’s up that your dog with an extraordinary sixth sense is a genuine animal and knows what it wants.

Relationships: Your sensitive water sign pooch may be touchy during this late summer month. That means, the upcoming days may be like walking on egg shells. Scorpion dog people know their animals can be intense, especially during tense times. Warning: Near the New Moon on August 25th through the month’s end, your canine may be temperamental so be careful when it is around other dogs, cats and strangers for keeping the peace.

Well-Being: Sometimes, when difficult change occurs for Scorpion canines they have a difficult time losing the stable environment they knew best. Be on the watch for sulking or acting out because the Scorpy dog may be sensing the kids going back to school or maybe a favorite human in the household is leaving-and yes, Scorpio can use its intuitive powers sensing the end is coming.

Highlights: Before September arrives will figure out how to deal with your Scorpio dog’s feelings of being a little “off” and make things feel more on. Translation: Extra affirmations, watching dog-related films, and walks in nature can help calm your sensitive pet as summer edges into pre-autumn. Go ahead-give your all and before you know it that water sign dog of yours will be sweet once again.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.” – Robert Louis Stevenson (author), November 13

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

This will be a great month for fun times, and that is exactly what is a typical Sag dog-a fire sign who is free-spirited, friendly and playful-can appreciate flanked with carefree and spontaneous animal friends and humans.

Relationships: August is a month that your pup may recall a place you revisit, whether it be a beach, lake or dog-friendly hotel. Dogs do remember good times and if you step back in time– don’t be surprised that it will be a good thing for both of you. Sagittarian dogs are very passionate, fun-loving creatures and going back to a fun place will reignite good feelings.

Well-Being: During the New Moon at the end of August you may notice your dog may be anxious. No, it isn’t sensing oncoming danger but your canine may want to get outdoors more than usual for the fun of it. By taking long walks, playing Frisbee or ball to dog friend get-togethers it will give your Sag pet that dog smile that is unforgettable.

Highlights: In fact, the New and Full Moon periods can enhance your dog-human connection if you go do it with your active canine. Energy is key here and getting physical with Fido, more than less, will do you both a world of good. The days ahead are warm, so do remember to go do it earlier in the morning and later at night as well as cozy cool downs in between.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Schulz (cartoonist), November 26

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)

Chances are good that this is the month that your dog will get what dreams are made of-indeed your best friend’s dog dreams may come true. Cappie canines, an Earth sign tagged as aloof, strong, and patient can warm up this month.

Relationships: Chat It Up. This is the month for you to voice your feelings to your dog and get a response. It may take a while for your Capricorn canine to open up but it’s certainly possible. Thanks to a number of planets in Leo, passion may soar between you two or even a pet in your home will give in and Cappie will come out of its protective shell. If you scrutinize your dog, you may be pleasantly surprised this month before it’s over and have a more loving pet to love.

Well-Being: Cappie canines can have nervous energy. If you took your dog to the vet recently you may want to have a re-check for peace of mind. Also, don’t forget this is the month before fall hits, so chilling with Capricorn is something that’ll keep you both fulfilled body and spirit. Whatever is your dog’s fave interest-snuggling outdoors on the lawn or waking up next to you in bed, give in more to help you both stay cool and calm in this active month that calls for R&R.

Highlights: While a holistic approach will help to Goat canines feel good, getting away is good medicine, too. If you’ve gone to a dog-friendly place, including a hotel to campground-do it again this month. Your dog will be thrilled to go with. When dog and human are happy anything goes. You both will come back home wagging your tails with joy in your hearts and memories.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” – Andy Rooney (60 minutes, commentator), January 14

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

Aquarian canines grab good cheer in August and this air sign-known for its independent, intelligent and rebellious nature-will live life out loud with activities each day brings.

Relationships: Follow the scent of your Water Bearer dog. This late summer it will lead you to the water-pool, river, ocean or wherever you two can enjoy fun. It’s time for reconnecting and enjoying the dog-human bond this month. Your canine will take you to paradise. It’s times like these that you’ll look back on and cherish.

Well-Being: By the Full Moon on August 10 you will know that your dog has what it takes to make itself happy. The bond will soar and you’ll want to enjoy in more activities together. Not only will the fun times be good for your spirit, they physical fun will keep you both healthy body and mind. Note: Are you feeding your Aquarius the best dog food and the right amount? A call to your pet store or vet visit may be in order to be the best pet parent you can be.

Highlights: Who needs diet woes pouncing on your fun? This August could be a month that something happens that’ll make you scratch your head while your dog copes with an itch: A pesky cat, annoying human neighbor? Whatever or whoever it is, your dog may think outside the box and solve any political issues you’ve been having regarding your or your canine.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” – Mark Twain, February 7

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Thanks to the universe will be kind to touch-feely Pisces-a water sign noted for devotion, intuitive and a sweet temperament-and promises only a few bumps, but overall smooth sailing without too much turbulence.

Relationships: Find affection or let it go. Thanks to a myriad of planets this month, you’ll help your Pisces dog solve domestic issues. If it isn’t getting along with a human there may be change on the horizon. Either the two-legger will cave and befriend your canine or the hound will win and the human will move on. Either way, both you and your cat will be much happier. Count on it-before the 31st rolls around.

Well-Being: Once your sensitive pooch finds peace so will you. But note, the potential conflict earlier in the month may have affected your pet’s behavior. A call to a dog trainer could be in order to keep order in your happy home. It will be nothing that a visit (or two) can’t fix. Please be aware of any dog behavior changes because these could be cues that your help is needed to make everything smooth sailing once again.

Highlights: Fish dogs will have a rocky month and it’s up to you to be the rock. As soon as you get what the problem is, you two will deal and get back on track. By tuning into your animal friend it will help you pave the road for a sweet pre-autumn that’ll lead to happiness. Remember, Pisces has the sixth sense so do not tune out your dog’s signs that something just isn’t right.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “I’ve seen a look in a dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.” – John Steinbeck, February 27

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

This is an awesome time for adaptable, adventurous and bold Aries (The Ram) to welcome novelty. It is the month unfolds good times for you and your fire sign canine. You have to be patient with this independent and fearless canine.

Relationships: Watch your dog. While Aries pooches, all sizes and breeds, can deal with change, Ram canines do have likes and dislikes. That’s where you come in. This month be more observant than usual to keep the peace. Aries doesn’t like being told what to do but they will compromise or give in if you use a gentle hand and lead it to what you feel will be the best for everyone.

Well-Being: Fire sign animals, like Aries, are action-oriented. While this trait is a good thing it can lead to spontaneous actions that can end up badly. So it’s your job to keep a close eye on your Ram dog so it does not take charge and do something out of impulse. Your fur child needs supervision to avoid any mishaps. Just be a little more on the ball as days pass this month and you two will be just fine.

Highlights: The good news is, by the month’s end, your Aries dog may end up getting more fun time than usual, thanks to you. Both of you will benefit from physical activity outdoors. So enjoy! Doing things together-or with other dogs-will enhance your dog-human bond as well as be a good thing for your dog’s health. This fire sign loves activity but once it gets its fix chilling indoors with you is no problem.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “I have found when you are deeply troubled there are things you get from the silent devoted companions of a dog that you can get from no othe3 source.” – Doris Day (actor), April 3

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

Change is in the air for your Taurus pooch, an Earth sign with traits of patience, poise and strong will. You’ll endure its ups and downs, ending up psyched while achieving accomplishments. Taurean dogs do have a temper and can be stubborn!

Relationships: Your Taurean dog has been working over-time to keep you feeling grounded. This month it’s time to let the earthy canine to relax for doing a good job. Why not take a dog-friendly vacation to show your loyal four-legger some gratitude. That good friend of yours deserves a good time for being there for you 24/7, especially during July’s fireworks celebration that can wreak havoc on its nerves as well as yours.

Well-Being: Speaking of your dog’s emotional state, has it been over-indulging due to festivities this summer? Have you been giving Rover too many human treats? If so, taper so your pooch can get and stay fit and trim as we finish up summertime. Not only will it keep your Bull dog healthier but it will be happier and more energetic, too. So, during Labor Day Weekend, no extra treats-just praise and play!

Highlights: During August, your dog may attract attention from your friends or strangers. While Taurean canines can be a bit reserved, if it does something wonderful (a trick or athletic feat), let your dog perform. Not only will you feel proud but your dog will know it did well and this will boost its day, month, and year! Of course, you want your canine to feel appreciated and allowing it to do its best will be worth it.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate.” – Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst), May 6

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

It’s the ideal time to help balance your Gemini dog-key for air signs, like this one, who are agile, restless and fickle. The outcome: It will feel centered and glean good things from the universe before month’s end.

Relationships: Gemini canines are very resilient and can be very social with other dogs and people. Last month didn’t bother its temperament because air signs can cope okay with change in the air. However, sometimes, these heady dogs do need some quiet time. Gemini pooches like to watch movies with dogs and enjoy time with mentally stimulating toys or even the challenge of chewing a good dental-friendly bone.

Well-Being: While the Gemini dog is vocal (yes, they can and do bark or whine, sometimes during the New and Full Moon periods) for attention or to alert you to something. It takes an observant pet owner to troubleshoot potential health issues, too. If your pup is young or a senior it’s a good month to do a hands-on check from head to paw to see if all is good. Also, a vet check-up is a good thing if you haven’t gone for a while. A healthy body and healthy mind is key to any dog’s happiness, including Gemini canines.

Highlights: Extra attention during this month, especially during Labor Day Weekend celebrations for you dog will prove beneficial for both of you. Some sort of change may affect your dog because of you indirectly. So, as your canine goes with the flow, it may be a cue to do the same. Whether you bring a new person or pet into the home, relocate, or go on a trip, don’t worry, your pet has it covered and will stay balanced if you give it extra attention.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras, (photographer and writer). May 28

CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

Last month was for The Crab dog-a water sign who’s a homebody, loyal and can sulk if it doesn’t get its way. It’s important for dog owners of this sun sign to be extra sensitive to their pet’s feelings-to hang loose when novelty happens.

Relationships: The fact is, during August lunar cycles life may be a shaky for your canine. Water sign pooches need to feel secure and safe. The planets may be a bit challenging so it’s time for you to be strong for you dog and it will thank you more than you know in the future. Cancer canines do not take loyalty or love lightly so you will not be forgotten. It’s your turn to be a constant.

Well-Being: It may be no surprise to you, but your cancer canine may be super sensitive and intuitive. That means when any stress occurs it can soak it up like a sponge. Summer is full of stressors, including heat waves, power outages, thunderstorms, and fireworks. It’s up to you, the pet owner to be grounded. You can do this and for your Moon Dog. Be in tune to any anxiety your pet shows and if need be a vet visit may be in order, especially during Labor Day Weekend.

Highlights: Note: This month may be a turning point for your dog. Think bonding. During chaos caused by events beyond your control your canine may turn to a canine pal and bond or even to a centered feline. Better yet, you and your dog may get closer as you experience challenges and share unconditional love. Get ready to give and will receive love in the upcoming fall season.

Dog-loving celebrity quote: “You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!'” – Dave Barry (author), July 3

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