Let Go of My Bone

A big, meaty bone,
It is what fortunate dogs see when they dream at night,
I dream of freedom, and no longer feeling alone.
My bone is having a family to play a game of fetch,
My bone is running, playing, chasing,
My bone is waking up next to a friend, with a pat on the head and big doggie stretch.

A two year old mutt tied to a tree,
Home as I know it, a small circle of dirt,
Watching the world around me be free.
At this hard bed, I moan,
At this heavy chain, I bite,
At this undeserved captivity, I cry, "LET GO OF MY BONE!"

As the pangs of hunger become too much to bear,
Someone throws kibble onto the ground,
At the stray pieces that fall outside my reach I pass the time and stare.
When I ponder my fate, I fear the unknown,
When I ponder the family I long for, I am burdened with sadness,

When I ponder the owners who neglect me, I beg, "LET GO OF MY BONE!"
Peering out a window is the worried face of a woman next door,
My protruding bones, the biting flies, my fading canine spirit,
Her mind races, "Which is better, rescue or ignore?"
To those who are tentative and unsure, I encourage, "Act, do not postpone."

To those who find it in their hearts to help dogs like me, I exclaim, "Thank You! I love you!"

To those who look away and try to forget, I scream, "LET GO OF MY BONE!"