Loving Labs and Life

Anyone who has a dog knows that dogs are not the best thing that could happen to your house cleaning. Shedding fur, dirty paws, tails knocking drinks off the coffee table…when there is a dog in your house chances are that you will be cleaning up after them. They are worth it though and may even change the way you manage your household. I just read a great story about a family that learned to loosen up and manage a little extra dirt and fur for the sake of having a family friend.

Craig Freedman in West Palm Beach, Florida writes about how his wife was always a clean freak. She needed everything spotless and in its place. Getting a dog would be a huge hurtle for Craig's wife – all that shedding! However, their daughter wanted a dog and they had promised her. So the Freedmans began looking for a Labrador, which was their daughter's favorite breed.

Without telling their daughter, they found a breeder and the perfect puppy. The pup was shipped to them from Colorado and still no one told the little girl she was getting a puppy. In fact, Craig told his daughter that he had to go pick up a piece of lost luggage for an Aunt and that J-Lo was supposed to be there, so maybe she could get an autograph. The ruse worked and the meeting with the Lab, which they named Tyco was everything they imagined.

Tyco integrated into the family so well and was so much fun that the Freedmans decided that two dogs would surely be twice as much fun. So five months later they got another dog from the same breeder. This time it was a female. The female pup, which they named Dakota was a handful. After about six weeks, Craig's poor wife was ready to pull her hair out. However, the breeder encouraged them to work with her and be patient. Soon enough Dakota came around too.

Craig's wife got over her need to keep the house in perfect order. In fact, Craig says that not only have the Labradors made his wife a slob, but have turned her into a Lab lover. When he wrote, she and his daughter were in Colorado visiting relatives and also Dakota and Tyco's breeder. They just wanted to meet their dogs' parents, but there were puppies there as well. They quickly chose a third dog that would soon come to their home.

Life may change a little further for the Freedmans as well. Craig's wife is talking about moving to Colorado where there will be more room for the dogs to run. It's amazing how dog's can change our lives and it's always for the better!