Making a Homemade Bandana for Your Dog

Looking for that special homemade gift to spruce up your dog's wardrobe? For something quick and simple, think about making a bandana. With so many different patterns and fabrics available, you can find the best design to fit your pet. All you need is some festive fabric and a pair of special scissors.

Supplies needed to make 4 large bandanas or 8 small ones:


Keep the fabric folded along the natural crease so that the width of the double layer of fabric is 23 inches.

With the fold along the bottom edge, grasp the lower right corner of the fabric and fold at a diagonal to that the bottom right corner is now even with the upper left edge. Make sure the previous right edge of the fabric is now flush with the upper edge of the fabric. There should now be a triangular shaped piece of fabric with some extra fabric on the left side.

Using pinking shears, cut along the edges, including the base of the newly formed triangle. This will result in 4 large bandanas and some extra fabric.

For smaller bandanas, connect the two edges of the previously made bandanas. This will result in a smaller triangle. Cut the edges with pinking shears. There will now be 8 small bandanas.

Pinking shears are used to delay the inevitable fraying that occurs on the edges of the fabric. For longer lasting bandanas, fold, press and stitch the edges to prevent fraying.