Mango the Former Street Dog

Sometimes a dog that has fallen on hard times lands in the lap of luxury. These are the sorts of Cinderella stories that we dog lovers adore. Who doesn't love to imagine a dog a last finding the home of her dreams and living the rest of her life in a fantasy. Of course, for many dogs this will never be a reality which is why it is so important to do all we can for our local rescues and shelters.

Miracles do happen though! I just read a Cinderella story with a lighthearted tone about a dog named Mango that went from street scamp to pampered princess.

Mogi Kinsey-O'Neil in Key Largo Florida write about being offered a dog of rather illustrious origins. She was mixed breed, scabies ridden, worm infested, obviously the giver-of-life to many litters, homeless, sweet, loving, needy little 5 year old or so dog. She was discovered by a lady who found the little dog stranded on the Mainland of Florida, south of Miami. The dirty pooch was begging customers at a fast food hangout for scraps of food. Mogi immediately said that of COURSE she wanted her! The little dog needed she, and she needed the furry beast too, having been rather freshly widowed.

Mogi named the dog "Mango" –due to her sweet disposition and her hair being the color of a ripe sweet mango fruit. These days Mango is a healthy, neutered, scabies free, and very happy little female canine! She and Mogi share a beachfront and fenced in one-acre home in The Florida Keys. Mogi also had a microchip placed in her skin so that she will never again be "lost".

Mogi notes that her little Mango is a wonder. The idea has been tossed around that maybe the dog was lost and homeless, like so many other pets, due to hurricane, "Wilma", in 2006. It could be, as she is leash trained, sits, and shakes, stays, etc., on command. It appears that, at one time, she must have had a loving and caring home. She is so well trained, loving, and appreciative of her new home.

However, Mogi jokes that there is one problem. She is addicted to one of the island's tropical tree grown narcotics! Mogi guesses that in Mango's hungry and homeless days, she might have discovered the questionable stress-relieving qualities of chewing on beetle nuts. They have the trees (a palm) in abundance in South Florida and The Keys. Chewing on the leaves and nuts gives a person, and apparently a dog as well, a mild high. Mango seeks them out from under shrubs, trees, and grass– anywhere they may be! She brings them into the house, and keeps a "stash" in her bed (which Mogi removes when she find them!). Mogi says, "I don't know of any re-hab clinics for canines–.( Maybe Brittany Spears can give me some advice–.)"