Meet “Sophie”

Our puppy of the week is from Fort Myers, Florida

Sophie writes:

Hi! My name is Sophie. I am a Havanese puppy and I just turned 5 months old. I was born in Ocala FL and I left my family (doggie and human) when I was 8 weeks old.

I went to live with a new family in Fort Myers. At first I was a little scared and I missed everyone in Ocala so much! Especially since my new sister, Annie — a three-year old Havanese — didn't want anything to do with me!But my new mom and dad made up for it! They tried very hard to make me feel at home — and pretty soon I did!

Then Annie decided that I wasn't going to go away, and started playing with me. Now we just play all the time — inside, outside, in the pool, at doggie daycare — life is just one big recess when you are a puppy!

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