Mindy’s Long Road to Recovery

Just like people, sometimes dogs simply have bad luck. Health problems and accidents sometimes affect our dog’s lives no matter how hard we try to protect them. Dog crazy people know however, that dogs are amazing and resilient. Sometimes it takes a stalwart canine to teach us what bravery and perseverance really mean.

I just read a lovely story about a beloved dachshund that fought to be able to walk again.

Deborah Kirkum writes about Mindy and how one day she suddenly lost the use of her back legs. The breed is predisposed to back problems both through injury and genetic Invertebrate Disc Disease. Deborah adores her 5-year-old dachshund and vowed to do whatever it would take to get her walking again. She has a great vet and together they agreed to postpone potential surgery and instead attempt 6 weeks of crate rest and medications to try to get Mindy back on her feet.

Mindy’s recovery was slow and it was hard to keep her constantly in the crate with only short potty breaks outside of it, but Deborah stuck to her guns. Slowly Mindy began to wag her tail, stand, and take small steps. The little dog was determined to get better and Deborah was determined to help her. So at the end of the long six weeks of confinement, Mindy started rehabilitation therapy. She did water therapy and special leg exercises. Six months later, Mindy was back to her old self, running, playing and enjoying life. Deborah is still making her take it easy and there is no jumping allowed, but she hopes that Mindy will continue to live a normal life.

Deborah says that Mindy is brave determined, and always happy to meet any challenge that life has for her. She is a wonderful of example how to deal with life’s challenges. Deborah is fortunate to have such a wonderful mentor and friend!

Do you have a story about your brave and wonderful dog? Be sure to share. We would love to hear it!