Music Soothes the Savage Beast: Music for Dogs and Cats

Perhaps you have a dog or cat that you've noticed enjoys a particular type of music. Whether your Labrador enjoys country or your cat digs classical, you may be wondering if you can get music made specifically for them. The answer is, "yes!" And many pet lovers swear by music for animals.

Heal and Soothe

Some music made for pets claims to actually have healing and stress-relieving powers. The company Healing Touch for Animals produces and sells a music CD, "Healing Music for Animals & Their People" According to the company. "The sound travels through the body promoting a movement of expansion and contraction that helps release blockages held within the body." They feel that this music is a tool that can be used to assist both animals and people with relaxation techniques. In this way, the body is better able to relax and regulate the immune system which can encourage self-healing.

Some people, such as Lisa Crigger, owner of City Dog USA in North Carolina swear by it. Crigger states, "As a doggie daycare owner, we are constantly trying to find ways to de-stress and calm the dogs. We have always played soft music at nap time but after switching to the HTA CD, even the "hard core" dogs (i.e., stress barkers) seemed to relax." Maybe it will work for your stressed out pooch too.

Healing Touch for Animals warns that in order for the music to work for humans as well, you must separate your normal consciousness and musical expectations regarding traditional music. You must bring yourself to a place of awareness, like meditation and absorb the relaxation and healing potential.

Veterinarian Tested Music

The Los Angeles based company Pets Love Music also has a series of CDs for dogs and cats, "Cat Dreams" volumes 1 and 2 as well as "Dog Dreams" volumes 1 and 2. These CDs feature 50 minutes of original compositions by Marco Missinato. The music has been tested by veterinarians as part of a healing and recovery program. Tracy Acosta, veterinarian and owner of Biloxi Animal Hospital feels the music makes a difference. Acosta says, "My staff and I…truly believe that our patients (dogs and cats) benefit from the peaceful tone that the music provides."

Just for Cats

It seems that everyone is looking for music that appeals to four-legged members of the family. An Austrian animal psychologist , Dr. Herman Bubna-Littitz found with research that cats seem to love male-voice choirs as well as the double bass and the oboe. Armed with this information he produced the first CD of music specifically for the discerning feline. More than 10,000 copies have already been sold in Austria. For more information, visit

Maybe if the music is right for your cat or dog it will work for you as well. If you are sharing the music with your favorite cat or dog, it is best that you keep the sound at lower volumes. Animals are sensitive to sound. Watch to make sure your dog or cat isn't moving away from the music. If they are, lower the volume. Find some music for your pets and spend a quiet evening. What a great way to relax!