MyPet: Create a Personal/Health Journal for Your Dog

If you are like most pet owners, your dog or cat is a living work of art, worthy of a starring showcase in a journal or photo album. With the introduction of MyPet by, your pet can be the feature presentation of your very own pet journal, which can be sent to your pet's adoring fans – friends and relatives.

MyPet is a free online service that helps you maintain your pet's health while preserving the special moments in your lives. MyPet is personalized for your pet, recording all of his vital statistics, including name, date of birth, weight and gender. This new service offers an encyclopedia of knowledge, written in an easy-to-understand format. Approved by the nation's top veterinarians, the articles cover a broad spectrum of pet-related topics, such as behavior, nutrition, health and safety, grooming and parasite control, among many others. Special articles help the owner care for puppies and kittens, as well as senior pets and those with unique health issues.

The Medical History feature allows you to keep track of your pet's visits to the veterinarian. The Reminder feature makes it easy for you to know when it is time to give medication, order more food or keep your appointment with your veterinarian, groomer or kennel.

Keeping in Touch

MyPet allows you to create a personalized newsletter. Following the easy directions, you choose a design for your newsletter (classic, contemporary or in-depth). You then upload images of your pet, write copy for the newsletter and e-mail it to your audience. You can also keep your own journal and photo album of your pet and keep them organized by date.

If your veterinarian is a partner, you can keep in touch with the clinic's staff. You can send a personal e-mail to individual members of your pet's clinic, including doctors, technicians, managers, receptionists, the kennel and groomers.

Time and money are two things people always need more of. MyPet saves on both by letting you refill your pet's prescription or food order online. If part of the network, the veterinary clinic will have your order waiting for you on your next visit. Ordering online from your clinic also gives you the opportunity to save on products and services as well.

MyPet also saves on time by letting you fill out paperwork from the privacy of your home, making admission to the clinic quicker and more convenient. Forms available online include new client registration, surgery and dental, boarding, grooming, and drop-off.

It normally takes months to years for information to work its way from leading veterinary schools to vets and pet owners. MyPet speeds the flow of the latest information to keep your pet the happiest and healthiest he can be, while strengthening the human-animal bond.