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No one Loves Black Dogs

Is it true no one loves black dogs? Well…it isn’t “no one” but there is an issue with black dogs. According to Susan Smith of the Franklin County Dog Shelter, black dogs are less adoptable. Ms. Smith says, “If you have two similar dogs – one black, one light colored side-by-side with similar temperaments, both well behaved, both house broken and friendly, the light-colored dog will be adopted before the black dog”.

Why are black dogs less adoptable?

It is hard to know for sure. For one, dark hair is a dominant trait. There are more brunettes than any other hair color. In fact, in people, they estimate that 100 years from now, there will be no red-headed people in the country. Is the same true in dogs? It is hard to know for sure but that seems to be the case on a smaller scale. There may be more black dogs to choose from.

In addition, many shelters are in older facilities. The lighting is often suboptimal. Most people that go to shelters to adopt will find a dog by making a connection with a dog. That usually starts with eye contact. Dark dogs in dark cages are harder to see. It is possible because they are hard to see that eye contact is not as obvious and frequent.

Regardless of the cause – we love black dogs. We think they deserve every chance at a good home as any other dog.

So…if you are looking to adopt – don’t overlook the black dogs. If you can’t see them well, ask the helper to take the dog out of the cage so that you can see him or her better and interact.

Looking for a name?

Just in case you go for the black dog, we have a list of possible names for him or her. Go to: Great names for black dogs.We have name suggestions for dogs of every color! Is your dogs name on the list? Go to Great Names for Dogs Based on Haircolor!