November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

When considering expanding a family or household to include a pet or even a pal for other pets, many people think about adding a puppy, kitten, bunny or other young pet. Often times though, an older pet can be the perfect choice for a family looking to grow or an individual seeking companionship. November is the ASPCA® and's Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month and The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) encourages people to consider adopting a senior pet and to enjoy the many benefits of pet ownership.

"Adopting a senior pet can be a great choice for owners because in many cases these pets have already been trained," said Bob Vetere, managing director of APPMA. "There have been tremendous advances in pet products and services that not only make caring for an older pet easier, but in many cases can help to extend their lives as well."

To help prepare for your new furry, finned and winged pals in their prime, APPMA has compiled a list of some convenient products* to consider:

APPMA also encourages new pet owners to schedule routine visits with a veterinarian and educate themselves on the proper care and handling of pets.