November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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When considering expanding a family or household to include a pet or even a pal for other pets, many people think about adding a puppy, kitten, bunny or other young pet. Often times though, an older pet can be the perfect choice for a family looking to grow or an individual seeking companionship. November is the ASPCA® and's Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month and The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) encourages people to consider adopting a senior pet and to enjoy the many benefits of pet ownership.

"Adopting a senior pet can be a great choice for owners because in many cases these pets have already been trained," said Bob Vetere, managing director of APPMA. "There have been tremendous advances in pet products and services that not only make caring for an older pet easier, but in many cases can help to extend their lives as well."

To help prepare for your new furry, finned and winged pals in their prime, APPMA has compiled a list of some convenient products* to consider:

  • What pet doesn't love to chase after a ball? However, when pets get older it becomes harder to chase after a fast-moving ball. Petstages offers the Slow Motion Ball. This slow moving ball will enhance the bonding between you and your pet, with gentle and patient play. The sewn in flags help slow it down, and gives it an interesting look and sound. You can check out the slow motion ball at
  • For some older pets, bladder control products are a must. New to the market this fall, Pedigree-Perfection offers PeePees-N-More Disposable Dog Diapers. These disposable diapers help eliminate the messy clean up that comes with dogs that are incontinent. 800-799-2692.
  • For those older pets that have a difficult time getting in and out of a vehicle, check out Nu-Tec Designs' Trek Dog. This portable access system offers a versatile alternative to dog ramps. This ramp with platform attaches to the hitch of your SUV or truck and won't wobble or sag, making your pet more comfortable using it. Visit to view this new system.
  • Kidney function in older cats is a primary concern. To help maintain normal blood pressure and kidney function try Veterinary Ventures' Drinkwell – The Original Pet Fountain. This free-flowing water fountain gives your cat the fresh water they need to keep healthy while enticing them to drink enough for proper hydration. This fountain is perfect for cats and small dogs. Check out the Drinkwell at
  • To keep pets that are not stable on their feet from going down the stairs, try KidCo's wall mount Safeway® series Safety Gate. This safety gate is great for the top of stairways. Check out this gate and others at
  • Healthy Pet Systems has FlexoR. This joint health super formula for pets contains Glucosamine, which helps to ease arthritis. This ingredient and others help to promote joint health in your cats and dogs. You can view this product and other health supplements at
  • If your pet develops bad breath, Chomp Inc. offers Yip Yap and Pit r' Pat breath mints. Your pets will love these tasty treats, and you will love their fresh breath.
  • Because you want your pet to have a healthy diet, try Iams Active Maturity for dogs and cats. Active Maturity will help your cat or dog get the most out of maturity with age essential nutrients packed into every bite.
  • Is your dog suffering from loss of eyesight or cataracts? If so, there is hope for your pet. Doggles has created ILS Doggles with corrective lenses. Simply give your veterinarian's or ophthalmologist's vision prescription to Doggles, and they will develop the corrective lenses for your pet.

    APPMA also encourages new pet owners to schedule routine visits with a veterinarian and educate themselves on the proper care and handling of pets.

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