One Dog that Wants to Protect her Little Birds

Does every dog hate birds? Or is it instinct that can make dogs stock and prey some animals? Maybe some…but not all. We’d like to share this story with you from Elizabeth and Wayne Hoerske.

Casey Birds

Every night when I came home from work I always sat out back with my dog “Casey Girl”. The evening was the best time for the best photos and I always had my camera near me. Casey was lying by my feet when we heard a crash. Suddenly she ran to the back of our house and came running back with a baby bird in her mouth. I thought she had killed the bird but instead she sat there looking at me with a tiny bird in her mouth. I ran and grabbed a basket for her and she gently put the baby bird in the basket then laid down by my feet again.

Shortly we heard another crash and she came running with another baby bird in her mouth and added him or her to the basket. I was floored as I thought dogs killed birds by instinct. Again about five minutes later there was a loud crash and the entire nest fell down from our gutter with two more baby birds in the nest. Again, Casey Girl added the last two birds to the basket.

They seemed to be okay and screaming for food so I went inside and grabbed a slice of bread and rolled up some BB size balls of bread and they were pecking at me for it. Casey laid quietly next to the birds.

The birds were trying to fly but one did not make it and fell in the pool. Casey Girl stood by the shallow end and barked and barked until the little guy jumped out. I could not believe this but the baby bird followed Casey’s voice. I grabbed a towel for the tiny bird and Casey Girl laid down next to the bird licking it dry and nudging it constantly.

The next day all the birds were trying to fly and found their way under our fence. Casey Girl laid there and whined for them to come back. A few weeks later four black birds swooped down over Casey’s head as she was sleeping by the pool. They were thanking her for taking care of them I am sure.

Elizabeth and Wayne Hoerske
Germantown, TN