Poodles – The Irreverent Vet’s Opinion on Poodles

PoodlesPoodles come in many different sizes from the miniature to the very large "standard". Generally, no matter what their size, Poodles are very compassionate pets that are full of love. They love to play and enjoy walks.

One of the biggest commitments a poodle owner needs to make is to grooming. This breed often requires routine grooming-depending on how you want your dog to look. Some of standard poodles with the big fluffy over-the-top hair doos have given Poodles a bad name. They are actually a very athletic pet and have a very good lifespan relative to other dogs in their weight size.

If you are looking for a nice, affectionate, playful dog that loves to exercise, consider the standard sized poodle. They are smart, high-energy dogs. The miniature and toy poodles make great lap dogs and are wonderful for singles and couples with relatively low-key households.

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