Pookie Heals the Heart

Sometimes dogs come into our lives unexpectedly and even when we are sure that it just isn’t possible to have a dog in the house or there isn’t room for one more. So often there is plenty room once they arrive. The thing is that dogs bring so much into our homes that once they are there we can hardly manage what life was like before them. In fact, sometimes they arrive right at the moment we need them. I just read a story about a dog that helped his family through a difficult time and brought them many happy memories.

Rosa Caraballo of Bronx, New York tells a story about how badly her daughter Tirzah wanted a dog. She had begged for one her whole childhood it seemed. Rosa loved dogs, but she had allergies. With the possibility of aggravating her asthma, she explained to her daughter time and again that a dog just wasn’t a option for their household.

As fate had it though, five years ago a dog that seemed impossible to refuse came into their lives. One of Tirzah’s friend’s dog had just had a little of puppies. The runt of the litter, Pookie was offered to the family. The little Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix was just irresistible.

Rosa managed her allergies and Pookie soon picked his favorite household companion, Rosa’s husband Hermes. The love was mutual. Then Hermes had a massive stroke and spent a long time in the hospital. Pookie didn’t forget him though. He paced at the door, waiting for his best friend to come home, never giving up that he might appear at any moment.

When Hermes returned home, Pookie was the first to greet him. He was so pleased that his long-lost friend had returned. He quickly learned to jump up into the wheel chair and keep Hermes company. He had no problem staying out of the way of Hermes’ cane when he started to walk again either. They were inseparable. But sadly, another massive stroke took Hermes away for good.

Pookie understood the loss that had befallen the house. He paced and moaned by the door, grieving along with everyone else. Pookie also made it his job to help console Rosa. He constantly comforts her and has made her his new favorite companion. Rosa has the best friend that anyone could ask for!

Until next time…

Petplace Staff