Poop the Next Big Fashion Statement

Who would think that "Poop" would turn couture! According to one company, it is. Pet Butler, the nation's leading pet waste cleanup service, is now moving to become the top Poop Couture e-tailer. They have created over 20 funny slogans and designs to choose from.

Pet Butlerch previously offered T-shirts and hats with its imprinted logo and "Got Poop?" slogan, but wanted to give people the chance to be more creative with their Poop Gear. With slogans like "Poop Master," "Got Poop?" and "Princess of Poop," people of all ages can create their own personal statement to wear on T-shirts and sportswear or show off on tote bags, hoodies, and mugs.

Matt "Red" Boswell, CEO (Chief Excrement Officer) of Pet Butler explained the new apparel initiative by saying, "We wanted our merchandise to fit our business. We're an unusual company, so our Poop Gear should be fun and unique too."

"This time of year you have to wonder, what would Santa think? But hey, someone's got to clean up after the reindeer, too, don't they?" said Boswell.

To create your own gear, visit www.petbutler.com and access the Poop Gear shopping area via the main. The website allows shopper to create their own hip, attention-getting poop couture.

About Pet Butler

Pet Butler provides professional pet waste cleanup and removal services and supplies for individual yards, parks, and multi-family communities. The company's mission is to make life more convenient, enjoyable, and safe for pet owners and to give them more quality time with their pets and families. Together with its nationwide network of franchise partners, the company has been cleaning up poop for close to 20 years.

To learn more, visit the Pet Butler website at www.petbutler.com or call 800-PET-BUTLER (800-738-2885).