Prayers for Animals

Many religions offer devotions to animals. Here is a small sampling:

Franciscan Animal Blessing

For all animals
Blessed are you, Lord God,
Maker of all living creatures.
On the fifth and sixth days of creation,
You called forth fish in the sea,
Birds in the air and animals on the land.
You inspired St. Francis to call all animals
His brothers and sisters.
We ask you to bless this animal.
By the power of your love,
Enable it to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you
For all your beauty in creation.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your
Creatures! Amen.

Franciscan Prayer For a Sick Animals

Heavenly Father,
You created all things for your glory
And made us stewards of this creature.
If it is your will, restore it to health and strength.
Blessed are you, Lord God,
And holy is your name for ever and ever. Amen.

Shin Buddhist Children's Prayer

"I am a link in Amida Buddha's golden chain of love that stretches around the world. I must keep my link bright and strong. I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than myself. I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words and deeds, knowing that what I do now, depends not only on my happiness or unhappiness but also those of others. May every link in Amida Buddha's golden chain of love become bright and strong, and may we all attain perfect peace."

Islamic Hadith (saying of the Prophet)

"While a man was walking he felt thirsty and went down a well, and drank water from it. On coming out of it, he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst. The man said 'This dog is suffering from the same problem as that of mine.' So he (went down the well) filled his shoe with water, caught hold of it with his teeth, climbed up and watered the dog. Allah thanked him for his good deed and forgave him. The people asked 'O Allah's Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?' He replied: 'Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate living creature.'"

Anglican Prayer Written by Rev. Henry Primat, D.D. in 1772

"Let me entreat thee, O Christian reader,
by all that is good and kind and just;
let me entreat thee for God's sake, for Christ's sake, for man's sake,
for the sake of the animals -Yea and for thine own sake.
Make it your business, esteem it your duty,
believe it to be the ground of your hope
and know that it is that which the Lord doth require of thee:
'to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.'
See that no animal of any kind, whether entrusted to thy care,
or coming across thy path, suffer through thy neglect or abuse.
Let no help of profit, no compliance with custom,
no fear of the ridicule of the world,
ever tempt thee to the least act of cruelty or injustice to any creature whatsoever.
Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy."

Catholic Prayer Written by St. Basil the Great in 375 AD

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.
Oh, God, enlarge within us the sense of fellowship with all living things;
With our brothers the animals
to whom Thou gavest the earth as their home in common with us.
We remember with shame that in the past
we have exercised the high dominion of man with ruthless cruelty
so that the voice of the earth, which should have gone up to Thee in song,
has been a groan of travail.
May we realize that they live not for us alone,
but for themselves, and for Thee, and that they love the sweetness of life."