Puppy University Course Comments

Puppy University Course Comments

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Read what our users are saying when we asked “What did you like about the course and how can we improve it”?

Here are just a few of the comments…..


  • Good interactives, informative and not too time consuming to complete.
  • I actually learned a few things and have had my dog for 1 1/2yr.
  • I have a puppy and it worked!
  • Very informative and user-friendly.
  • I just really got a lot of Information from this course and think you do a great job here so Thank you very much. Sincerely, Susan W.
  • I liked the excellent presentation and the fun yet in formative presentation.
  • I’m a dog trainer who does a lot of puppy work. This was beautifully designed.
  • It covered most everything that a person needs to know, especially if a first time dog owner, you have given them lots of help on how to go about doing things the right way.
  • The questions and information is relevant and the feed back is immediate. I especially liked the animated puppy barking to the responses to the questions.
  • There were many things I didn’t know. Like brushing the teeth everyday. The course was great. I am going to share your web site with my son and his girlfriend. Thank You.
  • This is a very well organized, informative tutorial. It is concise, easy to read and very comprehensive.
  • This is absolutely educational. For every puppy I have ever had this method has been exceptional. Thank you for making me feel wise.
  • This was simple to understand -no complicated “technical” terminology. Explanations after questions were a plus.
  • I liked that it was a quiz, it kept me interested and wanting to continue.
  • I never knew how long a pup can hold his urine. I found this course very helpful in many ways.
  • Very educational for new pet owners. Also liked the vet tips.
  • The information was consistent with information I have read in books. Straight forward and helpful.
  • This is a great course to refresh an owners memory and to help them with tips and information they didn’t know.
  • I liked the helpful and useful information that will make it easy for me to know what and how much to feed my dog.
  • Loaded with information. Loved the veterinarian tips!
  • Concise, and to the point…very good and easy to understand. 
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