Ralfie – The Houdini Dog

Do you live with an escape artist? Dogs are notorious at finding a way to get out and about, especially when their favorite family members are missing in action. What’s a dog to do? Sit home alone? Many a canine seems to feel it is their duty to track down those that are missing, even if they don’t know where to start looking.

I just read a funny story about a dog that was very clever about finding his way out and about.

Sandi Kane writes about her Brittany mix, Ralfie and how he is a regular Houdini. She and her family had sold their house and their new home wasn’t quite ready yet, so they were staying in a motel. They shared their motel room with their two dogs, a Sheltie named Jessie and a Brittany mix named Ralfie.

Ralfie never liked being left alone and wasn’t too keen on being left in a strange place. Of course, staying with the dogs constantly was impossible; there were still a few things to take care of at the new house. One day Sandi and her husband returned from some business at the new house to the motel room. Looking in the window they could only see one dog, Jessie and to make matters worse, they were locked out. Sandi’s husband immediately figured that the maid had let their dog out and ran to the office to give them a piece of his mind.

Sandi waited outside the room, wondering and worrying about the missing Ralfie – at least until he came running up to greet her. He seemed to say, “I’ve been looking for you all day.” It turned out that Ralfie had learned to let himself out of the motel room by pushing down on the handicap access lever on the door. Maybe he even watched his human family opening the door and figures out the trick himself. He had let himself out three times before the motel staff gave up and let him roam.

Dogs can be pretty clever as any dog crazy person knows. Do you have any stories about your dog’s misadventures? Be sure to share them. We would love to hear them!