Romney – What Should He Have Known About Traveling with His Pet?

By now everyone even remotely paying attention to the Republican Primaries has heard the story about Mitt Romney's 1987 12-hour trip with his dog in a kennel strapped to the roof of his car. Today, once again, Romney's critics are at his heels questioning what this episode says about his character, about his judgment and about his ability to connect with the average voter. But, Keryn Rod of Purebred Breeders, LLC, says the questions that should be asked are, "What about the dog, and what should Romney have known about taking a car trip with man's best friend?"

Keryn says, "In addition to carrying your dog's favorite treats and toys, its usual food and regular medications and a copy of your pet's medical records, make sure your pet has an ID tag with current information, including the cell phone you're traveling with. And, never put your dog on the roof, no matter how well protected you think he is."

Purebred Breeders, LLC has compiled this additional checklist to ensure that you and your pet can arrive safely to enjoy your family vacation to the fullest.

1. Take frequent breaks for water and exercise-every 2-3 hours, and never open the car door in a strange place without first putting a leash on your pet.

2. Riding with its head out the window may be in your dog's DNA, but in this case DNA should stand for Do Not Allow this behavior. Dog's can get ill from cold wind in their lungs or get injured by dirt and bugs flying into their eyes. And don't let your dog ride in the back of a pick-up truck. Sudden stops, potholes, or quick turns can throw Rover off the truck. Thousands of dogs die this way each year.

3. Just like his master, dogs need car restraints. A well ventilated dog carrier, big enough to allow Fido to lie down in and firmly secured to the car, is best for your dog's safety.

And don't forget the bowl, leash, pooper-scooper and plastic bags, and your dog's favorite pillow. And finally, travel with bottled water or water in plastic containers brought from home. Drinking water from a new location that he's not used to could end up making your dog sick and making you pay for new car seat covers. Or you could do what Mitt Romney should have done in 1987; leave your dog home altogether.

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