Sadie Survives!

Like marriages, we all commit to our dogs in sickness and in health. And just like with people, sickness is never expected. It is always a good idea to be prepared for anything, especially financially. I just read a wonderful story about a beloved miniature Schnauzer that made it through a difficult sickness with a lot of love from her owner.

Maureen Langley in Canada adopted an 8 week-old miniature Schnauzer in 2001 and after a vet check seemed to be in perfect health. However, all that changed a month later when Sadie became ill on Christmas. Maureen rushed her to the emergency vet, but the prognosis was good.

Sadie was diagnosed with “liver shunt” a congenital problem in some dogs. This is basically a malformation of the liver that occurs in the womb. Sometimes surgery can fix this problem, but it is almost always life-threatening to the dog.

Sadie was very weak, but surgery was a possible solution to the grave problem. However, the surgery would have to wait until Sadie got her strength back up. Maureen drove and hour each way every day to see her until she had her surgery. When she brought her, Maureen gave Sadie a special diet because her liver still wasn’t functioning properly. The problem hadn’t been solved completely and Sadie had to go in for another surgery.

Maureen never gave up heart and eventually Sadie pulled through. Thankfully, Maureen had pet insurance for her sick little dog. If it wasn’t for that she would never have been able to afford the more than $8,000 the surgeries cost. Maureen would certainly have found a way to pay, but having insurance helped her focus on getting her dog better instead of worrying about money. Remember that a dog’s health is a lifelong commitment. Be sure to have a plan just in case!

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