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Should You Zeuter or Neuter Your Dog? Learn about Zeutering (Chemical Neutering)

Zeutering! Should You Zeuter or Neuter Your Dog? Drug Zeuterin Sterilizes Male Dogs Without Surgery

Zeuterin™ is a zinc gluconate solution is a chemical that can be injected in to the testicle of dogs that will sterilize them. Zeuterin, when used is referred to as Zeutering, is an alternative to the traditional surgical neutering.

Chemical neutering has been around for quite a while, in fact published an article on Chemical Neutering with Neutersol back in September 2004 – over 10 years ago.

Zeuterin™ was approved by the FDA early in 2014 and received a lot of press in the mainstream media of neutering vs. zeutering and even creating the controversy if male dogs should be neutered at all.

The procedure of Zeutering (using Zeuterin to chemically neuter a dog) is considered non-invasive and utilizes a zinc-based active ingredient that is injected directly into each testicle using a very small needle.

The procedure of chemical neutering has been used in many other countries but has been met with resistance in the United States. It seems pet owners find the idea of inserting a small needle into the testicles as dangerous, painful and even inhumane. The needle is very small and the procedure appears to be relatively painless.

Chemical neutering using Zeuterin™ is an alternative to traditional castration that requires no anesthesia or surgery.

Surgical neutering involves general anesthesia and surgery. The surgery is commonly done in veterinary clinics and involves using a scalpel blade to open the skin, expose the testicles and physically removing them, the skin is sutured closed. This is much more time consuming, costly and painful. The average cost of surgical neutering depends on the age, size of your dog and location in the country but can vary from $75 to $300.

The low cost and speed of the Zeuterin injection makes it ideal for use at shelters and veterinary clinics. The procedure is simple but training is required to ensure the product is used correctly and successfully. The rates of complications are low and the procedure is considered painless. The cost of the procedure varies from approximately $7.50 to $28.00 per dog.

In FDA clinical trials, Zeuterin™ was found to be safe, effective and permanent. According to the manufacturer, the most common adverse reactions were vomiting, loss of appetite, and lethargy.

Zeutering is an inexpensive and effective way of sterilizing male dogs.

I hope this information gives you more information about Zeutering using the new drug Zeuterin™ (Ark Sciences Inc.) as a nonsurgical alternative to castrating male dogs.