A dog at work with his artist mom.

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day

Happy National Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Do yourself a favor and check out our Top 10 Hard-working Doggos. You’ll be glad you did…

1. Our Q4 objective is to double the treato budget and limit bath time.

2. Please… I’m doing everything that I can.

“Madame, I can only help you once you stop raising your voice.”#TakeYourDogToWorkDay pic.twitter.com/0IB0wz6JGg

— Michael Clarke (@Mr_Mike_Clarke) June 22, 2018

3. I can see from your resume that you are a very good boy!

4. My co-worker won’t stop hounding me…

PER MY LAST EMAIL pic.twitter.com/FyYViDTTr4

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) October 31, 2018

5. “Bear with me here guys… my connection is a little ruff.”

6. All in favor of Take Your Dog To Work Day… Everyday?!

“describe your ideal work environment” pic.twitter.com/ZRD7tCzko4

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) June 27, 2018

7. Could you retype that report… I ate the last one!

8. My Zoom camera will remain off today. No further questions.

#ICantWorkFromHomeSo I just post memes about being able to work from home to cheer myself up.#woof #DogTweet pic.twitter.com/Vd11EP6e0z

— ?Beware of Dogma? (@ellelljaytoo) March 23, 2020

9. The perfect employee doesn’t exis-

10. Ms. Fluffykins will see you now.

Wife: Where’s the dog
Me: Do you have an appointment
Wife: What
Me: An appointment
Wife: I just want to pet her
Ms Fluffykins: Send her in pic.twitter.com/WE3tsPFTt6

— Tim (@Playing_Dad) December 28, 2016