Teddi Finds a Home

It is incredibly hard to understand why anyone would dump a puppy on the streets or abandon them in any other way. With so many wonderful organization that take in dogs that needs homes there are many better alternatives. Still, many kind-hearted souls have found room in their homes for dogs found discarded and unlikely to even make it to a shelter. It is often the puppies we find abandoned that seem to find the biggest spaces in our hearts.

I just read a lovely story about a found dog that brought great joy to her home.

Sandi Schreiber in Tampa, Florida writes about a wonderful golden retriever puppy that her husband found thrown in a dumpster and left to die. He, of course, got her out of her predicament and brought her home. The little dog was full of worms and ill from eating trash, but the family worked immediately to help her get better.

Sandi writes that there is always room in their home for one more dog and she welcomed the dirty skinny puppy with open arms. She even named her Teddi because she looked like a Teddy bear when she carried her in the crook of her arm.

Teddi was no angel, in fact, she was the most hyper dog the family had ever had. There wasn’t a day that went by that didn’t involve some sort of Teddi destruction. However, Sandi and her husband were patient and thorough in their training. So Teddi grew up to be a well-behaved dog.

Teddi got to be really good friends with her vet Dr. Mark as well. Teddi survived hysterectomy and mastectomy at the same time. She had two ear operations as well. However, Sandi asserts that the lovable and affectionate golden was worth every penny spent. She gave them so many happy years.

Teddi lived fourteen long and wonderful years. When she got ill for the last time, it broke Sandi and her husband’s heart to let her go, but she deserved to leave this world peacefully. They miss her dearly, but she left them with many fantastic memories and the hopes of meeting her again one day.

No dog will ever replace Teddi, but surely the wonderful couple will open their home and hearts to another dog, just like her, in desperate need of love and a home.

Do you have a dog that came to you and changed your world? Be sure to share your story with us. We would love to hear it!

Until next time…

Petplace Staff