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Sometimes our dogs teach us the most important lessons in life, even when we don’t expect them to. It seems that life often gives us the dog that our heart needs at just the right moment. It’s no wonder that so many people are certain their dogs are angels sent from above.

I just read the best story about how one man’s dog gave him just want he needed, even when he didn’t know he was looking for a teacher and friend.

Stori came to Wayne’s home shortly after his father died unexpectedly from prostate cancer. Wayne had no idea how much the little dog could help soothe his heart, but when he met Stori, the runt of a litter of four, they both knew that they were going to be fast friends. Today they are the very best of friends.

Wayne says that Stori is the perfect companion. He is never annoying or needy, but instead is adoring and always nearby, wearing his adorable doggy grin. He goes everywhere with Wayne in the car, traveling in his booster seat and never bothering the driver or passengers. He never barks, growls, or acts aggressively, even when provoked. Stori is always a quiet well-behaved constant with a happy grin.

Wayne knows that Stori has brought so much to his life and that Stori has taught him or two as well. He states, “Why do I love Stori? Perhaps the best answer to that question is one that I learned from Stori himself. It is that I love Stori simply because he is.”

Every dog that graces our lives has a little something to share. If you could use a few doggy life lessons, consider visiting your local animal shelter for a new friend and teacher.

Do you have a dog that has taught you some of the greatest lessons in life? Be sure to share you story with us!

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