Best gifts for dog moms.

The Best Gifts for Dog Moms

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Are you shopping for a dog mom? Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or a special occasion, make her smile with a unique gift that combines her passion and love for dogs.

Our list of the best dog mom gifts covers every personality type.

Best Gift for New Dog Moms

Utility Pack

A Utility Pack makes walking the dog much easier, especially when training. Many have 3 compartments to fit poop bags, a cup of treats, your phone, and your wallet.

Best Gift for the Instagram Dog Mom

Dog Selfie Stick

Does the person you’re shopping for have an Instagram account for their pet? Some dog selfie sticks attach to a smartphone with a squeaking ball to help capture a dog’s attention and take the best pictures.

Best Gag Gift for the Funny Dog Mom

Clone a Stuffed Animal

You can clone a pet into a stuffed animal! A new trend getting lots of laughs on social media shows dogs reacting to their clones. So, give them lots of fun as they play with their new friend.

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Love Coffee

Credit: Grounds & Hounds Coffee Instagram

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

This organic and eco-friendly coffee brand donates a portion of profits from every sale to support animal rescue organizations.

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Love Plants

Money Tree or Spider Plant

If you’re considering gifting a plant, ensuring they’re non-toxic to furry companions is essential. Money tree and spider plants are pet-safe for your residence.

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Love to Travel

Airline Approved Doggy Bag

Travel lovers can use a doggy bag as a carry-on when they fly with their pet. It has enough storage for a week’s food supply, toys, and medications. It even comes with collapsible water bowls. Enjoy the skies with less stress.

Best Gift for the Adventurous Dog Mom

Dog Backpack

Perfect for hikes and long walks, the backpack can store any extra supplies like leashes, treats, and training accessories during an outdoor adventure. It’s adjustable and made from lightweight material to ensure pets are comfortable.

Best Gift for the Dog Mom Who Loves Art

Custom Pet Portraits

You can turn pet pictures into art pieces, from pet drawings to Disney characters and royal photos. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime.

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Take Their Pets Everywhere

Seat Cover

Hair, dirt, and other things can make your car messy. So, dog parents use seat covers to keep their pups safe and their cars clean.

For the Helicopter Dog Mom

Dog Camera

See what your pet is up to while you’re away. With some of the latest technology, pet parents can watch, listen, speak, and even toss treats to their pups when they’re not even around.

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Love to Bake

Bake a Pet-Friendly Cake

Provide the supplies and a recipe to help that lovely pet mom make a cake from safe ingredients for dogs. Pet owners can bake cakes that will make tails wags! To get you started, here are a couple of recipes:

There are so many other great treats you can help your favorite dog mom bake.

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Love to Read

Books about Dogs (or characters with Dogs)

Credit: Forever Dog

An excellent example of a book is The Forever Dog, which was featured on the New York Times Best Seller List. It’s a guide based on new science to help furry companions lead happier, healthier, and longer lives. If the special dog mom in your life has a DVD or Blu-ray player, you could also get a popular dog movie.

Best Gift for the Stylish Dog Mom

Matching Outfits

They can look stylish together with matching hoodies. Twinsies!

Best Gift for Dog Moms Who Love Jewelry

Custom Pet Jewelry

Etsy has countless sellers who can turn pet pictures, designs, and paw prints into customized necklaces or bracelets.

Best Gift for Rescue Dog Mom

Dog DNA Test

Pet parents can discover their dog’s unique breed mix, ancestry, and health. In some cases, it can help identify a hereditary issue.

Best Gift for Every Dog Mom

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Now that you have the best gift ideas, we hope you feel inspired to give all the dog moms in your life something special this year.

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