The Election Has Gone to The Dogs!

MAN'S BEST FRIEND now has the opportunity to VOTE!

Just when you thought all opinions had been voiced in this dizzying political battle, man's best friend now has the opportunity to be heard. Has your dog been barking at the TV or shredding the morning paper? Perhaps Rover is trying to tell you that he thinks Bush-BITES! Maybe Fido thinks Kerry-WAFFLES?

A new product is available …… Bush-BITES!™ and Kerry-WAFFLES™ – superior dog treats with a political twist.

The undecided dog can try both alternatives before settling on a party affiliation. No matter which side of the fence your pooch is on, these all-natural dog treats are sure to be a hit.

"Our goal is to give people a fun way to participate by letting their dogs do the talking," said Chris Jones, the creator. "We found that by poking fun at both parties, we have been able to initiate some serious discussion without raising hackles."

Jones has teamed up with Portland-based Great Dog Bakery Chef, Daryl Ostrovsky, to produce the handmade peanut butter treats. Chef Daryl perfected his special recipe after graduating from the School of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.

Twenty percent of the net proceeds from all sales of Bush-BITES, Kerry-Waffles and related merchandise will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, First Book, and National Education for Assistance Dog Services. Kyle Zimmer, President and Co-Founder of First Book added, "There's not a dog-gone thing wrong with giving a kid a book."

Do more dogs think Bush-BITES or Kerry-Waffles? Check out the latest "polls" and cast your dog's vote by purchasing treats at or

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