The Envelope Please…

The Envelope Please…

After more than a week of voting, "Dr. Doolittle" has won's second annual pet movie of the year award. Of 1,750 votes cast, the movie starring Eddie Murphy garnered 205 votes, or 11.7 percent of the total.

However, the voting revealed less about the winner and more about how little consensus there is among pet-loving moviegoers on which movie deserves top honors. For instance, the 2001 hit movie "Cats & Dogs" was nipping at Doolittle's heels with 198 votes, or just over 11 percent of the total.

Statistically speaking, Doolittle won by a nose.

The results also showed that past glory is no predictor of future success. Last year, "Lassie Come Home" won with more than 17 percent of the 1,679 votes cast. Last year, "Turner and Hooch" came in second with 14 percent of the vote. This year, the movie came in third place, garnering almost 10 percent of the vote.

Poor Lassie plummeted to eighth place, an ignominious spot for the legendary collie. Buried like a bone, the fate of Lassie just goes to show how quickly the limelight and movie rentals can shift.

Voters were given the choice of 10 movies, picked by the staff of The list changed from last year to include Cats & Dogs and See Spot Run.

They could also write in their own candidate. This freedom of choice naturally led to some interesting entries – voters wrote in "Charlotte's Web" while a number of people selected "As Good As It Gets," no doubt for the supporting role played by Verdell, the dog that helps bring Jack Nicholson's character out of his shell.

The complete list of top 10 movies is as follows:

1. Dr. Doolittle: 11.7 percent
2. Cats & Dogs: 11.3 percent
3. Turner and Hooch: 9.9 percent
4. Old Yeller: 9.5 percent
5. Ace Ventura: 7.1 percent
6. Babe: 7 percent
7. See Spot Run: 5.8 percent
8. Lassie Come Home: 5.7 percent
9. Free Willy: 5.4 percent
10. Benji: 5 percent

Voters wrote in 39 other movies, including: "Milo & Otis," "My Dog Skip," "Beethoven," "The Black Stallion," "Where the Red Fern Grows," "Shiloh" and its sequel, "Shiloh Season."

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