The Last Christmas Present from Papa

The Last Christmas Present from Papa

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Our dogs bring so much love into our home, coloring our memories of childhood and bringing joy and laughter into our lives. Although all of our dogs leave a lasting and wonderful mark on our lives, some leave a particularly special impression. I just read a story from a family whose dog who in her own way was an extraordinary gift.

Amy London in Gray, Georgia writes of the sad passing of her father, but how he managed to leave them with an incredible gift. Amy's father was a lover of dogs. He had once rescued a black German Shepard that had been chained and kept away from people in horrible conditions. The story was that the dog was mean and dangerous, but within a few days of being with Amy's father he was as gentle as a lamb. Amy notes that he was in fact the most protective dog they had ever had when she was growing up as a child.

Amy's dad was also the person who ultimately taught her daughters to love dogs. When he retired he adopted a black Lab named Iggy. Amy's daughters aged 5 and 2 were too young to have a dog of their own just yet, but Amy's dad taught them how to pet, feed and love Iggy.

The girls, Lexie and Lenzi grew older and grew to love Iggy as well. However, their grandfather contract cancer. He was too sick to shop for his girls, so he gave Amy $100 to spend on their presents. However, Lexi and Lenzi held on to their money because they had already gotten so much for Christmas and wanted their grandfather's gift to be special. Four months later he passed away.

Lenzi and Lexie held on to their grandfather's Christmas money for another year and wanted a puppy. The girls explained that they would always have a present from their beloved grandfather if they had a dog. Their parents wanted the girls to wait a bit longer, until they could surely care for their own pet before allowing them a pup, but gave in to their reasoning.

The family went to PetSmart to look for a likely dog to adopt, but could not find one the girls wanted. Then a litter of golden retriever puppies came in at the last minute and it was love at first sight with a puppy they named "Jenny". When the girls were told they could adopt this little pup, Lexie was so happy that she cried.

Jenny went to puppy training classes and grew up to be a very well-behaved dog. She is very smart, full of fun and has a gentle disposition. However, she is also protective of the women in the family when their daddy is away on military maneuvers. Jenny was the perfect Christmas present from their grandfather.

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