The Perils of a Pug Puppy

Puppies sure are capable of getting into the most amazing predicaments. Sometimes it seems like having a puppy is a full-time job. You have to keep an eye on them constantly because surely if there is trouble to be had they will get into it. I just read a very funny story about a pug puppy that got himself into a pinch.

Terri Dunn writes about her pug, Koko and his adventures on a blisteringly cold winter day. Koko was only nine months old at the time and looking for trouble. It was early in the morning and Terri let Koko and her sheltie, Emma out to do their business first thing. However, to her surprise, when she opened the door to let them in, Koko was nowhere to be found.

This was an extremely odd situation, because Terri was absolutely paranoid about the safety and security of her fence line. She had it completely shored up and said that "nary a snail could escape." Which certainly didn't explain how the pug had disappeared. Terri looked everywhere, but it was soon evident that the dog was gone. She panicked and called her brother and sister-in-law who had given her the pup for her birthday and lived seven doors down.

Terri's family rushed to her rescue. Her brother came running down the street, wearing a t-shirt, holey pants, sandals and no coat. Her sister-in-law arrived in the car, wearing her imitation leopard skin coat and wild hair that was standing on end. They hadn't spared a moment to look a little less like they had just jumped from bed. In the biting cold, the old threesome took to the streets, bellowing Koko, but getting no response, other than odd looks from the neighbors.

They canvassed the neighborhood, but there was no sign of the little dog. The searched over and over, starting in the backyard and wandering through the neighborhood, repeating their steps but go nowhere. Finally, they got a break with the arrival of Bean, her sister-in-law's pug. Bean and Koko were fast friends and in the backyard, Bean high-tailed it for an odd noise.

Bean led them straight to the source. In a six inch space between the shed and the privacy fence the pug was wedged and barely visible. When Bean arrived though, Koko became motivated. She turned 180 degrees on her hind legs, much like a dancer and once she was facing them, wriggled her puppy pudge out of the tight space. She had been jammed in this tiny space for over an hour, but after being warmed up a little was just fine. Terri marvels at the ingenuity of one little dog in finding trouble in what was surely dog-proofed. She'll never underestimate a pug puppy on a mission again.

Petplace Staff

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