Things You Can Do BECAUSE You Have a Dog

How many times have you heard or thought about stuff you can't do because you have a dog? Spontaneous weekend trips and long nights on the town aren't as easy when you have a furry friend at home waiting for you (not to mention the costs of taking care of animals). It's just part of being a pet lover.

However, it also has its benefits-there are some things you get to do because you have a dog.

Here are some on our list:

1. Go for long walks off the beaten path (because the dog wants to smell something).
2. Talk to total strangers because they have a dog too.
3. Make new friends who also love your dog.
4. Snuggle up with a warm body on a cold night, no matter what.
5. Talk to your dog (and yourself) without feeling silly.
6. Pass the blame when you pass gas…the dog did it, we swear!
7. Always have a handy excuse to leave somewhere early to "check on the dog."
8. Share your good and bad days with your loyal canine companion.
9. Have a reason to get up, go for a walk and get some exercise.
10. Come home to a happy face every night-your dog's!
11. Always have an excuse to watch TV as you want to spend time with your pooch! (they love it when you sit with them)
12. Feel safe at night knowing they are watching over the house.
13. Know when someone knocks on the door when I am showering, sleeping, of otherwise engaged.
14. Fight my depression by laughing at my dog's antics.
15. Travel on longer road trips safely with a dogs protection.
16. Feel safe enough to live alone in a city far from family.
17. Have a reason to maintain a fairly stable life.
18. Have a reminder to take care of myself, because i have to care for myself to care for them.

Do you have things you can do BECAUSE you have a dog? Tell Us.

PS – Thanks to Michelle for sending her thoughts! They were great one!