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Tips on Teaching Kids to be Safe Around Dogs

Owning a pet at an early age can be a wonderful experience for any child. Not only do kids become more active with pets, but they also learn a wide variety of valuable lessons like responsibility and compassion. The first thing kids must learn about pets, however, is how to be safe around them.

Whether it is a dog you know, one you’ve never met, or even your own pet, there are certain ways your child should approach a dog.

It is important to know as much about the individual breed traits as possible before getting a dog as there are predictable qualities and needs of each breed. For example – some breeds are better with children. See the list – go to: Top Dog Breeds for Families

Here are some steps kids should take before petting any dog.

Here is a good article everyone should read – How to Protect Yourself from Dog Bites. Go to: How to Protect Yourself From Dog Bites