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Tips to Prevent Animal Cruelty in Your Neighborhood

Animal Cruelty is common. Most of us have seen the heartbreaking commercials or posters and understand that animal cruelty is a problem, but aren’t sure what to do to prevent it. Here are some simple ways to get started.

1. Learn how to spot abuse. Understand what your area’s law enforcement defines as animal abuse or neglect, and become prepared to report it if necessary. Check out our helpful article on identifying and reporting animal abuse What to Do if You Suspect Pet Abuse.

2. Set a good example. The importance of being a role model for children is well understood, but even adults can pick up good habits from others. Always give your pets proper food, water, shelter, healthcare and socialization. Being a great pet caretaker can help others learn to do the same.

3. Use your vote. Ask your local representatives to support anti-cruelty laws and other legislation that protects animals. Help spread the word about upcoming votes on important issues such as changes in punishment for animal abusers and the election of animal control officers.

4. Spend wisely. Help break the cycle of animal cruelty by refusing to support stores that don’t show proper animal care. Purchase supplies from stores that only sell healthy and well cared-for animals, or don’t sell animals at all. Avoid and spread the word about puppy mills.

5. Volunteer or donate. Consider spending a few hours a week to help local groups prevent animal cruelty. Got a special skill? Whether you’re great at writing, web design, sewing, or even handy with a mop, chances are that a local group would appreciate your talents. No time, but want to help? Donating is a great way to support groups that prevent animal cruelty.