Top 10 Dog Stories of 2008

These are wonderful stories and anecdotes about pets that have touched our hearts or made us laugh during 2008. We hope you enjoy them too.

The Top 10 Dog Stories of 2008 are:

# 10. Why Dogs are Better Than Kids. – A cute list of some of the reasons we love dogs so much.

#9. Help Wanted. Dog Applies. – A cute story about a dog looking for work.

# 8. Questions and Letters Dogs Have for God. – This one makes you think…and appreciate dogs.

# 7. Story to be Posted Low on the Refrigerator. – A note from pet owners to pets. Very cute.

#6. An Older, Tired-looking Dog Wanders in to a Home. – Very cute story that most mothers can relate to.

#5. Little Red Riding Hood Sees a Dog. – A cute version of the old classic fairy tail. It made use smile.

#4. Boy Wants the Crippled Puppy. – A little boy picks out the puppy that isn’t quite prefect. A very sweet story.

#3. Very Funny Pet Diaries. – A diary of a dog vs. Cat. This really shows you the difference in how dogs and cats think!

#2. How Many Dogs Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? – By the breed – this is very funny and…true.

And finally…

#1. Puppy Size

. – A story about a little girl that is frustrating her family as she tries to find the right dog at the shelter. You must read this one.

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