Top 10 Dog Videos of 2009

We put together our top videos of this year that we want to share with you. We hope you enjoy!

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Here are the top 10 Dog videos of 2009!

10. Can Dogs Drive? This one can

Check out this video – dog driving a car

9. An Unlikely Friend

This is a very odd couple. Two creatures that so different but somehow look past their differences.

8. Dog Jumping on Trampoline

This dog is fun! Check him out!

7. Exercise Dog

This is very cute – this is literally exercising with your dog.

6. One dog risks his life for another dog

One dog is hit by a car and another dog literally pulls him from the street.

5. Chester – the amazing Peeing Dog

This dog is amazing – He can go and go …and go some more.

4. Merengue Dancing Dogs

Don't think it is possible? Check out these cuties!

3.Dog Fed Up

A funny cartoon of a dog getting treats under the table. Does this remind you of the dog in your life?

2. I'll say cheese

This dog smiles – cute!

1. Puppy Lullaby