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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

Here are some of our favorite letters to Santa. Do you have a letter to send? Send it to us! Or does your dog have some Hanukah requests? Email us!

Letters to Santa from Dogs

Dear Santa, I’ve been good, except for…

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year, except for when I bit Nana on the arm because I didn’t like what she was doing. Nana thinks I’m a devil dog now, but Mama loves me and says I’m a good boy.

I would like a toy dog for Christmas this year, one with rope handles on the front and back, with ears and a tail for me to chew on because I really like toys with ears and tail. Mama says it would be nice if she could find toys that are terrier-proof, but I like to pull the stuffing out and scatter it all over the house.

I would like Dentabones and Jumbones in my stocking, and some meaty kind of snacks, too. I like to hide my chewbones in the laundry or under Mama’s pillow so I can finish them later.

Have a good Christmas, Santa, and I won’t even bark when I hear you outside!

Love, Buddy

Submitted by Rhiannon Devlin

Dear Santa, Are you really there?

Dear Santa,

Are you really there? I’ve had many names, the one I was first given I don’t remember anymore. The ones after that are a blur, so for now just call me Homeless. You see I don’t have a forever home. I was bought as a puppy as a birthday gift but I wasn’t the gift that was wanted. Then I was given to a single guy who loved me and I thought I was home forever, but then he got married and his wife didn’t like me so again I was the gift that was unwanted.

I then found myself in a new home with kids to play with, but when the kids got a little older and mom and dad got busy with their own stuff, no one had any time for me. So again I was the gift that was unwanted. They took me to a shelter saying that because I was a pure breed dog I should be adopted fast but they forgot that I wasn’t a puppy anymore. I was a middle-aged boxer with some greying around my muzzle and people want puppies.

The shelter called a boxer rescue organization and a lady came to see me. I didn’t bother being excited because so many other people had walked by my cage and kept walking, but then she stopped in front of me. I lifted my head and looked at her, she seemed nice enough. She called me to her and trying to be a good dog I did what she said. She gave me a good once over and pronounced me suitable to come into the rescue.

So now I am living in a foster home, I am loved, have lots of toys, regular meals and lots of attention but it’s still not a forever home.

Submitted by Foster Mom

So Santa here it is:

All I want for Christmas is a forever home, to be the gift that is wanted forever and always. To have one lasting and forever name to go by, a soft pillow to sleep on and a kind hand to pet me.

So please Santa if you’re really there please don’t forget me this year.

Signed, Homeless.

Madison and Lulu’s Letter To Santa Paws

Dear Santa,

We have been so good this year! You don’t even have to ask Mom and Dad, you can just trust us. We’ve thought long and hard about this, and we have a few things we’d like you to bring us this year:

1. A garbage can that it’s OK for us to get into.
2. A toilet without a lid.
3. Squirrels we can catch and play with (or at least ones that notice us when we bark at them).
4. Toys, toys, toys!
5. Treats, treats, treats!

But mostly we know how good we have it, with parents who love us so very much and keep us safe and happy. So what we really, REALLY want is for all those animals out there without a warm and loving home to find their new family this Christmas. We know it’s a big job, but we believe with all of our big hearts, wagging tails, and wet noses that you can do it, Santa! (We’ll even give up our list so you have more time).

From the best behaved dogs in the world (PLEASE don’t ask our Mom),

Madison and Lulu Carner

Submitted by Erin Carner – Memphis, TN

Letter to Santa from Chewbacca , AKA Chewie

Dear Santa,

I know, me again, letter number five. I do hope you understand about the mishap last year, it is my job to heard things and your reindeer did seem a bit unruly, you must admit. And, I don’t feel that the Shepard incident of two years ago should be held against me, either. How was I to know the church only wanted human shepherds? And, we both know, those kids in the sheep costumes were in need of corralling. Now, I don’t mean to seem ungrateful, and last years bag of dog cookies was nice (though the “breath control” aspect did not go unnoticed and was a bit much, don’t you think?) but I feel I was unclear in my true request, that same request for the last five years. I am coping you on the original letter written in 2001 for reference. I was just a pup then so please excuse my informal manner.

I would also like to remind you I have refrained from the aforementioned “digging for China” in Mother’s tulip beds and that the squirrel population has been well exercised for their health and well being, though not “terrorized” as mentioned in your note last Christmas, a misconception that I would like to clear up. I have been keeping a record this year and I have been told an average of six times a day that I am a “Good Boy” which I feel should place me clearly on the “Nice List”.

Thank you,

Chewbacca the Shepard
AKA- Chewie

Letter from 2001,
From Chewbacca the Pup

“Deer Santa,

A ball, puppy ball, yellow. I make friends with the gray fuzzies in the yard, I “no pee, NO PEE” on rug and I learn-ed my digging real good. Good puppy, good puppy. Ball for puppy. Chewie wants a ball. Ball, ball, ball. If can’t find check Dad’s closet, up high. Ball. I get for myself but Dad say “Bad Dog!” for climbing closet like gray fuzzies in trees. Ball, please, Good Puppy!

Thank you,
Chewie the Pup

PS- Yellow, fuzzy ball. Please. Ball. Ball, good boy!

Submitted by Stewart Hamilton, NYC, NY

Poodle Miniature – Dear Santa…

I have been a good girl this year. As you know a nice family adopted me, and they take very good care of me. My Mommy helps the rescue group that took care of my friends and me.

For Christmas this year I would like all my “senior” friends (like me} in rescue to find a new home like mine. But I’m realistic.

I guess my true wish would be for everyone who is looking for a companion would think about there own “golden years”, and hope that someone would take care of them in the same manner. And make their days be cherished like mine with my wonderful family.

I know that’s a BIG wish but I’ve got faith in you after last years wish of a new family coming true.

I hope you have a great year and I’ve left the reindeer a special treat along with your milk & cookies.

Thank you,

Dottie McDonald.

P.S. Mom forgave the accident in the kitchen, Hope you can look past that too.

Submitted by Lynda McDonald – Houston, Texas

All I want for Christmas is to run and play

Dear Santa,

My name is Apollo and I am two years old. I am a Great Dane; some people call me a gentle giant, but I know I’m still a puppy. Last Christmas, I was betrayed by my first family, they left me in the cold, dark woods alone and shot me in the right hip with a pellet gun. I ran deep into the woods and became afraid of people. I wanted to send you a letter when I was alone and afraid, but I didn’t know how to reach you. I asked you in my dreams for a new home, someone to love me, and many happy memories. In February 2006, someone from a rescue group found me and lured me out of the woods with hashbrowns. I was so hungry that I followed the people and hungrily ate every hasbrown they had. The people put me in their van and drove me to someone else’s home. Today, I am with the best family ever. I have my own bed; I’m fed two times a day and have snacks in between meals. I have put on a lot of weight and have a best friend Great Dane Indigo who lives with me. Indigo has told me she has been with these people for seven years.

Anyway Santa, I have to put on a little bit more weight and then get my Lyme disease under control and then I might be able to get the lead pellet out of my right hip. My new owners work with range of motion on my right hip; but sometimes it hurts too much. All I want for Christmas Santa is to be able to run and play with Indigo. Do you think I could have surgery soon? My new parents have told me December 20 I see my doctor and then we are going to make a decision about my hip. I sure like it here. Last night I fell asleep in my new Mom’s arms; she wears perfume and smells nice. My new Dad makes sure I have clean water and bathes me once a month. Oh and Santa, could Indigo and I have new leashes, doggie bones for Christmas, and walks everyday?

Thank you,

Apollo Gonzales

Submitted by Connie Gonzales, RN and Rick Gonzales

Cocker Spaniel – Dear Santa

Hello my name is Zofie, I just got here, I m a five year old who’s job was to produce puppies up until two months ago. My new owner she scooped me up and took me for nearly a two-day ride in my crate to her home. There I have learned I m the only one with her. Oh I m so happy, but so confused cause I don’t know where all those other dogs are.

My food is still there untouched in the kitchen when I go looking for it. This is odd. But I like it. Oh oh oh, Friday I was taken to this cold cold place where they stuck me and I fell asleep, next thing I know I think my new owner was carrying me into my home, what happened? But my tummy is sore; I tried jumping off the couch, ouch! That hurt. Ok so Santa I just want for all other doggies to be what I am for Christmas, that is happy and content.

But of course if I can get some doggie treats I would go for that too….


Zofie girl

Submitted by Lynda Temple – Willits, California

Dear Santa

My name is Cheyenne, I’m three years old and have a little sister that is two. We need new toys for Christmas. Our mom always buys us the latest toys but I must say I’m not very gentle with them. Mom buys me toys for the power chewer – and the power chewer that I am – I can kill the best of toys almost before mom gets them out of the package.

My sister, Dixie, well she’s much better with the toys. My mom got Dixie from the Humane Society and she didn’t even know how to play with toys for a really long time – but I taught her. She plays with them real nice – but then I get a hold of them – and ooops – all gone – I don’t mean to “hurt” the toys – but I’m only 3 years old, I just can’t help myself.

My mom got a part-time job at the local pet store – just so she could buy us more toys. But Santa, could you bring us some new toys so Mom doesn’t have to work so much. We’ll be sure to set out some cookies and milk on Christmas eve for you Santa and I’ll try not to eat them before you get here.

Merry Christmas Santa – we hung our stockings in the living room so you’d be able to find them.

Submitted by H Wicken – Omaha, NE

From Mellow to Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s probably crazy to think that a dog can have too many toys, but it’s true. Hi, I’m Mellow and I am that dog. It will take me three lifetimes to go through the tennis balls thrown in the yard from the neighbors who love me. Santa brought me a real cool Mr. Zebra stuffed toy last year and I still have him.

I also have plenty of Frisbees and water Kong’s and bandanas and bones and treats. This year, all I want is a few new friends at the bark park who were rescued like I was, and given a warm loving home with lots of playtime, attention, good vet care…well…you know what I mean.

So, if you could find a home for as many as possible, that would make my holiday great.

Thanks, Santa…

Your friend, Mellow

Submitted by Mitch Brown

To Santa from Dolly

Oh Santa. How I love you. I got my picture made with you today. And I was such a good girl. I sat in your lap and how soft your beard was.aww.i love you.

For Christmas, I wish for a new doggie bowl a pink one. Cause I have a blue one and girls shouldn’t have blue stuff. It’s not right.

And I would love some new toys. Am not going to be too picky on those cause I love any kind of toy. It doesn’t matter.oh and clothes cause I’m a 2 lb Chihuahua , that needs to stay warm this season.

And please bring my brother and sister a little something. They like bones. (Big bones)
And I want to wish you a merry Christmas and stay warm and be safe Santa.



Submitted by Tina

Santa Bring Treats!

Dear Santa,

We are good dogs. I am Dixie (mom’s girl) and my brother is Toby (dad’s boy). We are 9 & 11 and love treats. Mom gave us new collars (with bells) for our Christmas picture.

We tried to tell her we’d rather have treats – not sure she listened. (She thinks we get enough. Yeah right!)

Santa – Bring Treats. Oh, yeah, PLEASE bring treats! (Mom keeps trying to teach us manners.)

Submitted by Barbara May – Towson, MD