What Are Registered Dog Names So Weird?

Why Are Registered Dog Names So Weird?

If you’ve ever watched a dog show on T.V., you’ve probably noticed the dogs have unusual names. Some of our favorites from the Westminster Dog Show are: Temora Say It With Bacon, Celebra’s Good Enough for Government Work, and Barbary Bow Chicka Wow Wow. As funny as these names are, why would anyone name their dog something like that?

What Is a Registered Dog Name?

If you have a purebred dog, they may have come with registration papers for one of the nation’s kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or Westminster Kennel Club (WKC). While these are not the only kennel clubs in the U.S., they are two of the largest and most widely recognized.

Each kennel club has standards and requirements for enrollment, and they typically include registration. Not only does the individual dog need to be registered with the kennel club, but they must also have a proven lineage of registered dogs. This is how kennel clubs ensure that their members are purebred dogs. This is not to say that there aren’t kennel clubs that specialize in mixed breeds, but the most common kennel clubs focus on purebred dogs.

When you register your dog, you also register their name within the kennel club. Your registration will include your dog’s name, lineage, and breed standards. There are fees associated with registering your dog with a kennel club, and your dog must be registered for their puppies to be registered. Registration is ultimately up to the individual pet owner, but if you’ve adopted a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder, they should include registration paperwork.

Why Are Registered Names So Long and Weird?

Each kennel club has their own requirements for registered names. For example, the AKC has an approval process for name registrations. Each name is breed-specific, and there are limits to the number of dogs that can share the same name within a breed. Because of this, many owners will choose a unique or outlandish name to register their dog within the kennel club.

Do People Actually Call Their Dogs by These Long Names?

What a dog owner calls their pet is up to them, but it is uncommon for them to call their dog by their full name on a daily basis. The name they typically use for their dogs is referred to as a “call name.” While it is usually similar to the dog’s registered name, they may be completely independent from one another. It depends on the owner and trainer, but each call name is what the dog responds to. For example, my Beagle is AKC registered. Her registered name is B.S. Kennel’s Snoopy’s Bliss, but we just call her Bliss. Very few people know her registered name, and no one calls her by it.

Next time you watch a dog show, whether in person or on T.V., make a note of your favorite registered names, and don’t be afraid to ask an owner about their dog’s registered name at a show… as long as they’re not competing in the ring, of course.